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I had ordered this Force Design Bikini-Cowl with Endurance screen for my husband. It took a while to receive the goods (had some weeks extra delay) but 'Webike' kept us perfectly up to date on this order. Really good service & information, thank you! About the product: high quality made cowl with a really nice lacquer finish that fits our bike perfectly! Looks very nice on the bike, one would think it's an original part. Just be aware for your country's extra custom/import taxes! Conclusion: Top quality ain't cheap but your money is better spend instead of wasting it on cheap imitations! Thanks again, Webike!

The other day, it ordered and it took about half a month for the delivery date, but there was nothing I did not mind as I could do the OEM color custom order. When I arrived and saw the goods, it was a feeling that it was solid with overall beautiful making.

If installed in accordance with Instruction Manual, VTR 250 (FI) I was able to install it in less than 30 minutes.

If you let me say just one, Headlight has the same shape Headlight even if it is VTR or CB 400 SF, so the egg shaped Light shape is a bit - - -.

Headlights and Cowl's fitted parts are fairly clear at the bottom. It was perfect if that was made roundly.

However, we are generally satisfied..

I do not know who is durable, but I've got a solid fixation, there is no Chatter sound at all.

Although it is nearly meaningless as an awning, it does not hit the wind at all as long as it hides the body in Cowl. )

The appearance will change drastically, and VTR is a simple Motorcycle so I was glad I bought it.

I bought it because OEM Reflector is gone to convert it to Fender Eliminator.
Carbon is also solid and appearance is cool and there is Space where sticker can be stuck, number base part is good, but whether adhesion is weak or immediate Slim reflector runs on ordinary road which is not uneven run about 50 km I just got lost and gone.
I received the Slim reflector from the beginning and it arrived, so I want you to improve so as not to peel off.

If Reflector could not be taken star 5, but Number base is cool so I am satisfied.

Screen is Mirror and color changes depending on the angle. Vertically from the front, oblique 45 ° is Gold, from the side it becomes Blue.
Because it made it SPRINTType, the wind touched slightly, but it decreased by Large compared with when not wearing it. Because the resistance of the wind improved, acceleration also became Smooth. ← Are you in a good mood?

Cowl can also be painted, but I was able to paint it even if it was not an OEM color. Painting is also beautiful and very satisfied. If you dare to raise the problem, I think that it was good if Screw fixing Screen was made inconspicuously. ← I think I'll paint it with Touch pan.

I was able to install it while I was a beginner even with the Instruction Manual, but the part to fix is ??Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Screw of the lower side and Tie Wrap of the lower side alone, if the lower side Tie Wrap is loose it will rattle, so I think that it was better to pay attention when installing. ← Is it natural?

Because I got a lot of money, I got lost but I think that it was good to purchase.

This time I bought a new Motorcycle. Honda's OEM's Tank Pad seems not to be so good as long as he sees the Impression of others, so I found this product as I was looking for others. I have not installed yet, but as I check contents, it is very easy to follow Instruction Manual with Color photo.
I think that I will Exactly Fit to Tank because it is created exclusively for the car model.

It attached to VTR250. It regarded changing
appearance as it being a Bikini cowl, and it chose this Force Design. Since a color can be specified about
appearance, it is satisfied in general.

It is better for a thing to be warned not to stop a few with an attached Nut, when attaching by the same vehicle type as me. Only in case of an attached Nut, slack will surely come out and Wright will become upward by the vibration under run.
Since the Nut attached to Wright from the first is a ball head lock nut (Type which a Bolt does not penetrate), it will be in the state where an attached Bolt does not become tight. S Washer (spring washer) and the Washer for M8 were put into right and left as a measure against
, respectively. When the Washer was Wright's Case outside, it was good anywhere, but I put in the Washer between Wright's Stay (hardware with the open mounting hole), and Wright's Case. After
>, although the description was contained and it was very polite explanation (with a photograph), since the photograph was CB, structures differ a little. a description -- a reference grade -- it is touch. Since the

Cowl itself is made firmly, it is recommended in the direction currently examined by appearance serious consideration.

[Webike Monitor] Although the Tank pad to which the Carbon print of the general-purpose article was carried out was stuck until now [
], It decided to feel and change charm into that it is the exclusive elegance of
CB1100, and having covered the trailer of the Tank firmly and it being made of a real Carbon, alias practical

It was as it was made for exclusive use truly, and it was an Exactly at the form of the Tank.

Although the Bikini cowl made from a Carbon was attached, there is also a feeling of unification with a Cowl, and it also became an One point of the
Tank, and became smart again also at appearance. Since it was a white Tank before

purchase, the Silver carbon was used or it wavered considerably, but as a result of
, on the target, I make it ordinary Black (?) and think that it was a correct answer. A star is five without a complaint in that which a fault
Twists by thinking that it is cheap if it is such polite elaboration like this also in
> price.

He thought that this product was seen and it was this although there was no Tank protector which suits CB1100 not much, and it purchased. An estimated どうり Quality is also high and prices are also goods of conviction with budget prices.