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Handling Instruction Manual was not included to install. When I checked that there was a URL on something like a business card, I did not understand well because foreign people were explaining somehow. Wiring for power supply was not included. I paid some very high Gold but this is 100% dissatisfied.

The manual is included in the CD included, but translation (Please do not correspond to please enter here, I do not even know how to install.
It is multifunctional, but it is in a state where it can not be used at all without the explanation. There was no explanation at all for translating into item description (Please do not correspond to please enter here.

TDR125EU (Reform 170cc)
I was concerned about the rise in water temperature where the increase in calorie due to the bore up and the cruising speed during highway driving were made to Hi Hi Yard to run at low revolution.
While traveling, there is no wind even at OEM's Radiator, but if you are traveling in a traffic jam, it will rise to near TEMPMeter's "H" so install the fan!
TrailTEC made - Installation of DigitalCooling fanKit is simple.
Instruction Manual will be in English, but I think that the installation method can be understood with only the image with the simple structure which does not need Instruction Manual except setting method.
The setting also has one operation Button, after selecting the display setting "F" or "℃", it automatically switches to the temperature setting screen at an interval of 3 seconds.
Next, it becomes the start temperature setting of the fan.
Set it to the desired temperature between 65 ° C and 99 ° C.
When waiting at the specified temperature position, the screen switches again in 3 seconds and the setting is completed.
Since the Backup power supply is built in, it will continue until resetting.
There is also the fan's air volume, it will cool down in a short time.
Kit comes with TTV temperature Meter installed near the fan due to Harness length problem included.
Plastic Bolt for securing the fan Body and stools are chubby ★ 4.
I wanted the cooling function and Thermometer I am satisfied with two stones with the same stone.

I bought it to convert YZ 250 into X.

Compared to OEM and Other Company Product, the lightest, the cheapest is the deciding factor of purchase.

The difficulty is that there is only the minimum strength to support the car body, so KICK with STAND set aside is strictly prohibited, ground part or Material : Because it is Plastic, it will be scraped ....

Well, I think that it is a good product if you exclude that point.