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Caliper has been replaced by Tokico of Kawasaki 10R. Nisshin's Radial masterCylinder which is currently used to improve the effectiveness of Brake (19mm) To 15 mm of the book frando.
My favorite is Touch which I made Snap when playing King, but this product is Spongey Touch and I cease using it because I do not like it. Since there is no change even if the air bleeding is perfect, this may be made by the manufacturer intentionally. Please do not refer as it is my personal opinion.

I mounted these up and I like the look, but the bleeders leak when using my Mityvac. The problem was mostly fixed using teflon tape, but I cannot get my clutch to disengage. If the problem persists, I will inquire about a return.

I have Radialized my wife 's favorite car V125 without permission.
Made in Italy's "ARE" Although it is similar, the price is cheap!
Moreover, you can choose various Cylinder diameters and Color is plentiful.
Hydraulic Switch (Single) If you do not care about this is a bargain!

It installed in GN125H. Cylinder diameter selected 14 mm.
disc and Caliper are exchanged for things for EN 125.

good point
Reserver tank, Oil hose, Bracket, Brake switch and everything you need from the beginning.
There is no play of Brake lever, I think that making is good considering the low price.

A bad point
In the Reserver tank there were about ten garbage like lint and small wings of insects.
I noticed it since I noticed Brake fluid and it was troublesome to remove.

Hydraulic type Brake switch is included, but if possible we would like to make it a mechanical switch.

OEMMaster cylinder is Gacken Brake (the effect is not that good - - - ), It is difficult to fine-tune it, Front brake was fine-tuned with Rear brake with constant strength.
After exchanging with the Radial master, you can fine-tune the effectiveness of the Front brake so it will not be chilly to stop even with the Front brake alone.
Because it is possible to apply Front brake to Smooth, it becomes easy to bend not only at Winding but also at Right Left.
I think that we can recommend it for people in the center of town.

Grip strength necessary for full Brake is only slightly weaker than OEM.
If you want to raise the braking power, you must not change Caliper or disc.

I bought it for installing brembo's SmokeTank that I do not like painting of Mirror Holder attached to Master cylinder.
Because the Tank mounting part rotates, it is good that the mounting surface of Tank can be installed either vertically or horizontally.
It is Hard anodized aluminum, but its color is different from Master cylinder. Hey Brown hanging..
Because we do not use the Reserve tank attached to MASTER, Aluminum cap was unnecessary.
I wonder if Cap and Holder are separate and can be cheaper a bit more.

I use it for single caliper of brembo 40 mm Pitch.
I was considering Nisshin 's 17φ, but while I was looking for Size to be too large, I arrived at this product.
I chose Hard anodized aluminum, but the looking texture is quite nice.
The feel that I grasp is also quite bad.
Do you feel that NORMAL became Digital, and after replacing it became Analog.
The Lever position is also adjusted in 30 steps, so you can adjust it to your preferred position.
MinusPoint is a place where Brake switch is hydraulic and paint of Mirror Holder is different from Body, but this performance is satisfying with this performance at this price.
What is worrisome is its durability in the future.

Wow this is amazing one . I have put the stock black brake pad on for a test run for 10km so far , after I did replace this one on . I can tell there was a big different .

Perfect fitment with high performance .Did not replace the master cylinder but it still works great . Recommend to anyone who got an R3