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TRICK STAR didirikan oleh Ryuji Tsuruta, seorang mantan pembalap terkenal asal Jepang dari tim Kawasaki. Knalpot Ikazuchi merupakan salah satu knalpot andalan produksi TRICK STAR yang digunakan oleh tim TRICK STAR RACING untuk berkompetisi di Endurance World Championship dan Asia Road Race Championship.

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梦幻星z900rs水箱护网,质量非常棒。铝合金材质很轻,装上后b格也有提升 Dream Star z900rs water tank protection net, the quality is very good. The aluminum alloy is very light, and the b-frame is also improved after loading. translated by google

It was surprised at the merit of the affinity of the machine of a kawasaki with the trickster! When equipping, it was normal and it turned out that original ninja Power who had borne explodes! Isn't it a word of great !!?

Although in play was contributed as the point, if it is hard to use a photograph, please use here.

Good afternoon. Thank you very much for the efficiency and quality of the product. The goods are delivered and satisfy me, and I will continue to use your services. Thank. Alekmandr Shevenev

This TRICK STAR Motor Armor has good design and quality. Also it is well fit with Z900RS. And price is relatively cheap. I satisfied with TRICK STAR.

We chose this manufacturer which is cheap in price and also has a track record in Race activities.
The Center also has reinforcement and a strong feeling is also good.
Hexagon is also long in the side, it is good that it is slightly different from other Manufacturer's Guard.
I will need some hangs for wearing but I will manage somehow.
When attached, a luxurious feeling appears in the Radiator.

19 years Ninja 1000 is in use.
There are various types of Core guard and I think that performance does not change anything,
I chose it in Design.
Included Parts : To Core guardQuantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It comes with Rubber sandwiching in,
Even if it wears it will be removed soon.
Vibration reduction etc etc. I do not care about vibration,
I am not wearing it. I think that it would be better to mention that in the Instruction Manual.

Removed Cowl and was installed normally with Bolt On. I wonder if it can be a little cheaper. I think shape and design are very good.