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I purchased it by watching only the pictures attached to the CRF. I thought that if it measures Small it was 15 cm wide × 12 cm long × 5 cm high. The tool on hand does not enter. I think that the width is 18 cm.

The price is high, but I think that the texture and appearance do not destroy the Motorcycle's Silhouette and that is good.
On the other hand, loading amount can not be expected. I use it with Backpack without problem. It is unavoidable that removing the Side cover is a little troublesome...

I thought that loading capability is essential for Zero's DRZ 400 SM, and I purchased it. Large satisfied with Stylish!
Because the weight is a little heavy Material : Aluminum is perfect, but ...

There is no Instruction Manual on how to install! Advertising flier Quantity : 1pc. It is only attached. I'm surprised. I tried to attach it probably, but I am worried that I do not know whether this is correct or not.

The shape is good without deteriorating the shape of WR. I installed it myself, but there is nothing particularly necessary for the Instruction Manual? But the Instruction Manual is unfriendly, but if I can not do this it feels better not to tamper with Motorcycle. I wonder if it's a little more polite, only dissatisfaction is the price a bit expensive. It would be great if it was cut by 20,000

First of all, since stock is in Sale, I ordered it, since it was out of stock, please wait for a while.
There is a missing item after it arrives.
Because there is no Parts List, I did not notice it
I noticed it after Rose Motorcycle.
If you tell it by phone,
I will contact you by e-mail from a different department.
Because I do not receive e-mail, I called, but I can not connect easily.
Do you e-mail Objection's phone by e-mail?
When will it be able to be installed?
Sumimasen instead of the product's own review.

The picture of the manual is upside down. The arrow of F indicating Front is also opposite.
It took me 10 minutes to realize that.
I bought it by saying that I had the largest Large loading capacity of 7 kg but in the manual (The load capacity of this product is the maximum Large 5 kg)
Is it written ?????? How is that?
Please make sure webike firmly, if you do not do it, it is a fraud.

I did not miss War's Sharp Rear view, but I thought that I wanted a proper strength Carrier!. As expected, when there was no Bag, it was a good feeling that there was not much presence of Carrier.