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TROY LEE adalah salah satu brand unggulan riding gear jenis off-road yang menyediakan jersey, sarung tangan, celana, dan helm dengan desain unik dan berwarna cerah. TROY LEE juga menawarkan berbagai macam protektor balap yang akan melindungi rider dari bahaya.

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I am using it for Motocross.
It will be compared with Protection innerPants of RSThailand which I used before,
This one has more pad area and thickness.
Cutting of Pad seems not to disturb the movement of the leg,
I did not feel a sense of incongruity when driving.

Since the skin around the hip bone was stuck off by a got accident, I bought the settled Gold for purchase gold. I think that Protection property when falling is high. Besides injury prevention, it is pleasant like a cushion with a soft Cushion under the buttocks. I can not steam as much as I thought, but summer may be hot.

Purpose of purchase is reduction of fatigue. It is said that the degree of fatigue increases as the internal organs are shaken in Dirt driving, and it is said that fatigue is reduced by tightening the lower abdomen and purchase. It certainly feels like the degree of fatigue is decreasing. Also, due to tightening of the abdominal muscles, it is easier to apply force when pushing Motorcycle.
First, temporarily fix it with BodyBelt, then adjust the tightening with Compression belt. Adjustment is easy to do.
Structurally there are a lot of Mesh parts, so it will not evaporate as much as I expected in summer. The unevenness of the back part is made of rigid Rubber and it seems to reduce Damage when falling down.
As a prominent point, the width is wider than I expected, so some people may feel a little disturbing.

It looks nice and the performance as Protector is as reputed as it is. The feeling of Fit to the body was not bad. However, the adjustment Screw is abnormal hardness. It comes with Gold Plate used as Slotted screwdriver to loosen it, but it is tightened so hard that it bends easily. It is even harder as looseness is also painted.
I thought that everything was too hard, when I looked closely, the manufacturing country was medium - - -
Screw loosened somehow while making a brand-new Protector full of Wound.
Although I do not intend to return or exchangely with just one Screw, it is unusual hardness, but there are also such things in mid-course, I feel that this price is too high.

I chose Under combinations for UnderShorts + Knee brace or worried about whether to make this Riding Pants, but I chose this Riding Pants that can use Knee brace as it is. There is no Site where the Undersize of Troilly is clearly stated but there was no site worried about selecting Size but M Size was selected.
I am 175 cm 68 Kg but it is nearly perfect. As for Protection, though depending on the use, I think that it is better to choose Hard. (Pad that I can not expect much). Goods are well made.

I also put it on Helmet.

It is my favorite because it is Simple Design - - -

Seat's Cut is not good. I am worried that it will come off when wiping because the end face is textured because it is BALI?.

Since it is a Sticker of a certain amount of gold, so we want you to pay attention to the finish, so the star Quantity : 2pc. It is Set.

I've been suffering from back pain, and always been using a belt to protect my waist whenever I ride my bike.I' ve been using DAYTONA's belt for back pain called "BACK IMPACT". But since its condition is better these days, I decided to change it to this Kidney Belt.

The belt for back pain doesn't have a protection feature for waist bones, but this has a hard rubber-like pad and I think it's gonna protect me all right.

I normally wear 32-Inch Moto Pants, and I chose size L/XL for this belt.

I actually tried it on and found out that it has pretty much extra length.
There's still 10cm or so left even for my 32-Inch waist body. And it's pretty much the same for a larger person. So I think it will fit if your waist size is 28-36.
* The red framed picture on the upper right shows how it looks like when it is worn. I've pointed out the tip of the band and the effective width of the velcro using white lines.

If your size is in the border line, the side of the band may overlap. But I don't think it will be a problem.
The center part width isn't that large (about 20cm), so it won't affect your drive.

Belts are indispensable for people who are suffering from back pain, but even if you aren't, they are effective for off-road driving.

It purchased to the off-road run.

The Chest protector was purchased for the first time. Since the
public road was also run and he wanted to equip into a Jersey, the thing of the form with which it is easy to equip inside was looked for.

It is comparatively made to the Slim, and it is not uncomfortable even if it wears in a Jersey. Many

operation parts can equip with an Exactly, and it is easy to move them. Even if it is using it on the
Touring, there is also no tiredness.
Since it is very light compared with an ordinary Riding jacket, he does not get tired from it.

Although I think that it is a Chest protector at large [ off-road ], there is no Guard for the lower part of the waist. Merit that's right since the path through a wood had the rock etc. unlike the
Course, direction it prepared the Protector by which only the portion of the waist is different.