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The pants are incredible! I also took this shirt and jacket for this company! The quality is just great! I won’t work in them, I’m sorry! I’ll be riding a motorcycle now this season! Japan’s production!

The jacket is just great! I also took trousers and a shirt for this company! The quality is simply superb! I won’t work in it, it’s a pity! I’ll be riding a motorcycle right now, just the season of these clothes! Made in Japan! I recommend this product and store to everyone! Thanks Webike!

The shirt is just great! I also took this company trousers and a jacket! The quality is just great! I will not work in it, it's a pity! I will ride a motorcycle now just the season of this clothing! Production Japan! I recommend this product and store to everyone! Thanks Webike!

There is moderate tightening feeling and I personally like it. The price also happened to be SALE and cheaply purchased. Design also joined part etc. It is sewn with a thread of a different color and I think that one point that reflects can also be included.

This trousers has little water-repelling feature against sudden showers. It has good quality, light and confortable. Suitable for office worker who need to drive regulally. I would have buy more if the price is cheaper.

This is exactly what I've been looking for. Water-repelling, light, small. I can put under my motorcycle seat and use it as rain wear where shower suddenly. I can wear outside armor shirt so that people won't notice. When I do this, it's like adding water-repelling function to my armor shirt.

The shirt is very good and smooth quality makes you feel cool in hot summer day. Very reasonable price for this quality. The only complains are zip on top touches your neck may feel less comfortable and the orange zip in front is sharper than showing in Webike pictures.

At the list price, I did not think I would buy it, but I bought it because it was a high discount.
Conclusion, I think that it is a good product.
Because the price is low, you can wear without worrying about it... I did washing about 5 times but there was no problem at the moment.
Color purchased Black, but (Other colored products) Coordinates It might be easy to write and correct.
Wear of this hand is recommended to select Size one down if the feeling of Fit is Large thing and roughly standard type.
If it is a midsummer choi ride, it is comfortable to wear Short Sleeve T - shirt on top of this, I think that it will be like.
And I found a way to feel comfortable. It is very comfortable to run after wetting the sleeve part with water ~ (Due to the nature of the material, it does not water)