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TSK menyediakan kacamata pelindung untuk berbagai keperluan industri. Kacamata TSM menutupi dan melindungi area di sekitar mata Anda dari debu dan zat asing lainnya saat Anda bekerja.

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Extremely high quality from NAO and the fitting position was just perfect. Received the item after slightly more than a month after order placed. Excellent service from Webike.

Although it is seldom worrisome in case of a distant view, unevenness has appeared in the Carbon and a result is also coarse.
There are no worries about not clinging etc. I think that the thing of there there will be found in it if it comes out to this extent, there is although the
price is cheap and many things will be looked for.

The muffler heat guard made of resin which exists in the center of a car body was conspicuous unexpectedly, and exchanged for carbon products given the opportunity of the change of air.
Since there was a point which is partly worrisome, it enumerates and goes.
First, I thought that a clear-coating was coarse.
a most protruding place is the touch which applied the object of a color like resin yellowed rather than having called it a clear, although it has applied quite thickly whether it assumes wearing out.
Coating has unevenness and it is not a beautiful honest result.
For the directions which have removed the tandem step, this product is attached in carbon stay.
Although the stay itself thickened construction material and reinforcement was secured, the mountain of the screw hole had licked from the beginning, and the surroundings cracked.
The abrasion of the carbon design was slightly attached to the coating surface where presumption is flat in why.
If it hits against light, it turns out that it has the crack clearly.
(Picture) A thing rude so far with the carbon products bought with the new article is the first.
Does it say? is it really a new article?
Although that is right if it says that it does not understand if it sees from a distant view ... Because the design was to its liking comparatively, it is regrettable.

It is the point cover made from nao with which own car'04 model Z1000 was equipped.
Be [ going for finishing of the letter of grinding to differ / just / like a series of nao products / of twilled carbon / a little / tastes ].
However, there is no function in which this product guards a crankcase like the product of the other company, and they are pure dress-up parts.
Therefore, since it is certain it to stand although the elaborate design is Hideyasu very much, and to get damaged the whole crankcase also by a GOKE grade, cautions are required.
(Smile) Like other parts, by clear paint, * picture was made finishing with gloss and it has equipped with it.

What the very first was ordered to perform without waiting for the delivery of cars of Z1000 of 04 models is the front visor made from nao of this characteristic form.
Honest tastes are just going to differ in the texture whose surface of the twilled carbon of the letter of grinding is slightly peculiar.
The location of a mounting hole and the clearance with a light case are brilliant, and processing accuracy is Hideyasu very much.
The stormy effect at the time of high speed operation is the pure average as it is a picture, although we painted the part and equipped with the body color .....
There is impact and the unique front mask which makes an insect consider also with (sweat) is 笙ェ (smile) which he very liked.

Loading nature can be raised by inserting in the space under a sheet and plugging up a hole.
I am putting in the net disk lock and the automobile inspection certificate.
I think that the rain jacket of convenience will enter if you do your best.
The frame of middle and its stay of an ABS unit are obstructive, and it cannot put in a box easily as it is known also with a photograph, although attachment is not difficult.
It is a one-star minus at the point.
However, to Z1000 without loading nature, I think that they are good goods.

In order to unite a color with other carbon parts, it changed into the product made from twilled carbon.
Attaching accuracy is tolerable, and since it becomes the impression tightened by using carbon since it is parts which are conspicuous in it being unexpected on the relation which comes to the middle of a car body on the whole, it is recommended.

Wearing does not have any problem and is bolt on.
Appearance became markedly good.
Since heat-resistant processing is not carried out to the back side, there is the necessity for heat-resistant processing.
The part is pulled and it is *4.