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TSR sangat terkenal dengan produksi sparepartnya dan telah meraih banyak kejuaraan di dunia balap. TSR banyak memproduksi knalpot, bodyworks, dan rearset untuk HONDA CBR1000RR Fireblade, Monkey125, CB series dan lainnya.

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This is a test.

The necessaries of full-power-izing!

I have already installed on my bike the TSR Titanium Hand Bent Full Exhaust System, however as it has to comply with the JMCA standards the sound generated by the engine is relatively "tamed" (and muffled). After some research, I realize that TSR actually manufactured a competition use silencer (this item), which I believe to be non-JMCA compliant. After installing it, every time I hit the highway the engine output is just music to my ears!

Brand I think quality is fun.
The Instruction Manual is polite,
Because it is necessary to remove Blinker, License Plate Light from Normal parts,
It is necessary to investigate procedures to Rose Normal parts separately.

TFrame to fix Number is Quantity : 1pc. Because there is no degree of freedom as it is a thing, it can not be slippery.
So Carbon's License Frame was not attached.
Since Reflector will hide when attached.

As it is, there are no places where TSF and CBR can reach more itchy places than this Manufacturer (Lol)

The unpleasant stuck feeling during Clutch operation is reduced, Adjuster can also be locked and perfect!

Installation is by Rear's Cowl License Plate Bracketetc. There are lots to remove and it is Large strange.
However, Bodyetc made with Aluminum's Cut-out. Satisfaction after installation is numb..

First of all, it is sold under the name of TSR, but it is a product of RSThailand. There was no description about that in the page of the product, and it was understood after it arrived.

It's thicker than ordinary Parka, so it's exactly in the coming season.

I accidentally crashed some time ago. I used the arrow 4 Position Step Kit before, but unfortunately I can't buy it again. TSR performed very well in the World Endurance, and deliberately purchased a world-class brand.