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Nice product...good design and perfect fit for my bike... Needs some adjustment on the wiring because in my country it using different electrical socket..but just minor midification only..on top of all im very statisfied with this product.. Will promote this product with my friends.. Thanks webike!!!

mt - 09 sp was interested because Blinker came out under the Tail Lamp.
After removing the Rear blinker with this item, I refreshed and it became cool.
Just a car inspection is impossible.

Number I installed a light, I am convinced. LED lighting is beautiful.
It's easy so you can install it in a matter of minutes. Please watch a video of Manufacturer.
I think this Manufacturer is no doubt.

Very well convincing LED Tail LampPlusBlinker!
It's easy to install and you can do it right away. More safe because there are videos of Manufacturer!
However, it is not good unless you purchase Led Blinker Relay, so even in this site, you can explain firmly and give the customer Blinker relay and Quantity : I will settle that product as Quantity : I think that it was better to explain with Set!.
I installed it today, so I wanted to finish it all day today, so I modified for Vehicle! Crying Also, since Bolt to be mounted does not match the hole, processing is necessary, except for Large change.
But this Tail is the best!

Naturally Schubert is not enemies at all.
But good looks are good enough to overcome the army.

ARAISHOEI possesses all new things (There was) But if you buy NeoTEC, this one would be better.
Size is Large in ARAIS but it is incompressible in the back of the head SHOEIS Large Yea but the forehead is tight
I think that it is not helpful for anything because it is exactly Japanese Schubert S skull bones separated from Japan (57) It was exactly. It is round with other than. I thought that it was narrow like Schubert. 58 Eyebrow hides. Even 57 is packing a little Sponge at the top of the head.

There is little entanglement and drafts. Contrary to the appearance.
Certainly Flip up will make the center of gravity behind but there is less discomfort compared to NeoTEC or C3's center of gravity.. Very open as it has no resistance to cold.

Although the shield is cloudy but it is touched, the lower one becomes cloudy. I do not care much.
The shield is opened and closed by feeling rubbing against the edge Rubber more than anything, so I am a little worried about it.

Making details ... painting is very beautiful. It is much more decent than FOR JAPAN MODELManufacturer. I have some but everything is properly done.
Mechanically "Oh ... what happens ...?" In the meantime ...
1. Raising the Shield to the top makes it Ventilation.
2. Edge Rubber (Say or Suede) The backside of Shield has always been hit by.
Recent trendy post-fogging Film can not be used absolutely.
3. Chin guard fixed fixture can not bring Chin guard down unless it is lifted a little. (Flap hits Pin) If you lower it to the bottom, you can not lock it.
I need to lock it after I stopped at a place I feel good.. I'm used to it ...

The Chin guard is fairly strongly fixed and does not open with some impact. Even if you intend to break it is impossible to open without releasing the lock. Why is there not being explained in detail about this Pin?

Also, desorption is impossible unless you raise the Chin guard and raise the Shield a little. A little troublesome.
Bench also works well and you can hear it without raising the volume of Income. I want you to emulate SHOEI ... It does not make a scalable sound, or my head does not hurt my voice like ARAI.

Finally ... the list price is 68,000 yen. In Japan.
But I bought about 30,000. With Mirror shield. It is cheap even if you change the plane cost.
I have bought some of them but when I use it ...