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TT & Company memproduksi berbagai jenis helm dan riding gear dengan desain yang khas. Produk TT & Company, terutama riding gearnya, sangat direkomedasikan bagi rider motor cruiser seperti Harley-Davidson, model cafe racer, dan lain-lain

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It fits me very well. Very stylish and light weighted! Most of all,it is dot helmet!! I recommend anyone who need non mushroom loooking and safe helmet.

I am very excited i had bought this helmet.This is a reproduction of vintage 500TX helmet and they did it well,although it is a novelty helmet but the paint job,leather strap and the double ring in use are first class.If you are looking for a slim type of helmet this is the one to go,the look of 60s helmet in today.

High but Parenthesis nice. I especially like Design.
I like the design of TT & Co.
Since it is a decorative item, there are pros and cons, but it is Design recommended for semi-hello lovers.
Terminus treatment of ago string It is awareness unique to Snap or Motorcycle riding.

Design - Fit feeling - The appearance is full mark. However, among the Helmet for Decoration I've ever gotten, the best player LePera. Safety can not be expected at all.

I do not have a Helmet who fits quickly because my head is Small, but I think this is cool because it does not look bizarre with ExactlySize.

It looks good! I just wanted you to describe the installation method a bit more clearly! It was a pity that I got a bit scratched by Driver because I did not understand it for the first time for someone. Although it was easy if it turned on, it was lol

I wanted to purchase J 02 Type, but since the next arrival schedule was in stock two months ahead without stock, I bought only the stock of J 01 Helmet and J 02 in stock. Mask is removable so I will change it according to my mood.
I usually use SHOEI's Full face L Size and ARAI's Jet helmetSize XL. We measured the circumference of the head and ordered it so there was no problem with Size.
Parenthesis looks good, without complaint.
Wearing comfort, summer seems comfortable with Mesh Material. Contrary to the appearance, lightly.

The bad thing is it hurts my ears get torn when taking off Helmet. I have been using it for about 2 months but recently I got to know how to take off that my ear does not hurt. When One Side's ear is caught, it grinds off with the fulcrum there. It is hard to explain (Lol)
Even though there is a bit of pain, I'm satisfied with my favorite Helmet.

I bought this Clear Mirror with 80% daytime and schedule of use frequency of around 20% at night.
When it is mounted with Half mirror rather than Clear mirror, it looks slightly brownish.
The field of sight during the day is good, Wind Cutting sound is rather quiet and you will not feel uncomfortable.
It is slightly dark at night, there is a diffuse reflection of light by Mirror processing.
In my case, my eyesight is not so good that it was used from the daytime through evening.
I will purchase Clear shield so that it can be used at night as well. I hope the price is cheaper a little more.