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TTPL memproduksi berbagai perlengkapan motor seperti tas touring kedap air yang juga mampu menghalau debu dan mudah dipasang.

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Waterproof function is proven Battle pro Roof. I can not get wet at all.. This year I was able to run under the influence of the typhoon.
Easy to install, the load does not collapse. It is the strongest in Bag I used to date. It is disappointing that it can not be selected because it is in a thin state.

I am using 40L,
I think that the current Motorcycle is difficult to pass through the tightening Belt and that Belt is a little longer.
As for this Back as it is, fill the contents properly, if you do not make a shape the tightening Belt will not go well and it will become easier to loosen.
For that reason, the Inner Box sold separately is recommended, but I have produced and used it in the stage Ball (It is possible to take as much as possible the height) Also, bending of the bottom plate (warp) I reinforced it with a step Ball and uses it.
Place a partition box under the Center to prevent baggage gaps and tools etc on Center. I put it in and stabilize the center of gravity.
Once packed and attached to Motorcycle it is Large strange to take out, rain gear etc.. I put it in another Back so that it can be put out soon and use Net on TTPLBack. Waterproof Because it is excellent in sex, it is safe,
That is how I use it.

Looks fashionable. And Waterproof sex is perfect. It is unlikely that the interior gets wet.

There are just a few shortcomings.
- Although it tends to be fixed in such a fixed system, if the loading surface is not horizontal, it will deviate while driving.
- Desorption is quite a hassle. It is troublesome to pass the fixed Ring part as the Buckle part gets in the way.
- Stopped a little bit and it is difficult to put in and take out the inside baggage.

However, although it will be iterative, Waterproof performance is perfect and it is really strong for sudden rain.
Waist Bag and others are used together, it seems that it is good to use it for putting things that do not get wet.
Since there are more places to hang around, put the baggage on top and you can fix it if you cover Net.
PET Bottle Holder Try to catch it. The degree of freedom of usage is high.
Overall, "How about as a second Bag?" It seems like a product called.

* About purchase
This Bag is sold out all the time, but information on resale time is posted on the official TTPL site.
If you absolutely want the color you want, we recommend that you check on the official site.

Purchase for commuting in rainy weather.

In the attached fixed strap it is difficult to hang sliding Tension on the surface slitted fabric.
Furthermore, the position of Loading Hook does not match with our favorite car, and the fixing of the bag purchases another Strap and uses it.

Design, Waterproof Although the quality is good, I got a whole impractical impression.

I used it more than 20 years ago "Course" I wanted to repurchase Blue again,
Currently it sells only Black, so we can not help buying this Blue.
I was expecting, but I could pass Belt through Ring,
Since we have to keep the surplus Belt out of play,
Installation is not so easy, Rubber cord may be faster
Once fixed, it is securely fixed, it is safe.
Bag Outside Pocket and Red string when opening it is unnecessary,
I think that it is better to refresh the one without it.
The color is bright, so it is easy to get dirty, but the dirt quickly fell down.

Wallet and Handkerchief, Small items to use immediately.
The dough is also good and durable, but there is a big question in Waterproof nature - - -

Even if it rounds the opening twice, it loosens quickly and waterproofness disappears (probably - - - ) I do not want the thing inside to get wet so I will put it in the box as it will rain.

Also, I will open and close the roll Top with Black's Metal hook
This is hard to use again - - - If you are in a hurry you can not be dismembered enough to panic - - -

These two improvements are desirable just as Large Ki is excellent

I use a 40L one. Because it is Large, it gets bitten gradually as I carry it with the state packed in various conditions gradually, but it resolves if there is even this!
Required for BackpackStyle

Not used in the rain.

Even with touring at high speed, there was no gap.
Body did not gap, even if you loosen Belt by taking out the package.

However, if it is possible to do, if it is possible to loosen Belt by picking up baggage like Base type, it is fixed to Seat Spec. I want you to.
Magic tape which rolls and closes may also be handled comfortably if it makes it wide..