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TTS menawarkan berbagai macam riding footstep dan knalpot untuk 250 model motor sport seperti CBR250RR, Ninja250, YZF-R25 dan lainnya. Sparepart TTS dirancang dengan kualitas terbaik dan desain knalpot yang unik.

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When thinking good touch awfully, they are a step bar and a bolt. Two pieces each Missing item.
The TTS is asked now and it is inside.

TZM's footpeg is a valuable current MODEL that you can get with a new item while there are few options.
It is also effective as Dress-up parts because the texture is good, but it is also suitable for Replace because it is cheaper than OEM.

Shift pedal and LINK are shown in the product photograph, but it is not actually attached.
However, NSR 50 Shock Type Model Shift Pedaletc. You can change to the LINK formula by diverting it, you can also reverse change. Shift rod purchased from Battle factory according to footpeg position and specified by Length designation.

Peg's Length is not too short not too long, it's just good to run with Mini bike course.
Because it is a Fixed Type, damage to the Exhaust Chamber and Cowl can be slightly prevented when it falls over.
Also, it can be replaced with Peg of general M8 hole.

Brake pedal uses OEM as it is. Drilling to hook Spring is necessary for installation. (It is written in detail in the manual)
However, since there is no hindrance to running even without Spring, I have not installed it.
Since you can not install the Brake switch, if you use it on public roads, you need to do it yourself.

Used for Race in Circuit
I used the thing of Endurance before, but there is a difference of muddy. This is the best!
While limiting the chisel angle, there is some clearance and easy to handle. Finish It is beautiful, what did Endurance's cheesy kire angle limit so much?
Besides, the price is cheap and it's great..

Purchased because TTS preferred footpeg than before.

Quality is as expected!
accuracy - appearance - Ease of use, none is a wonderful footpeg!

I think that price is okay, but I think that it is satisfactory ☆

I wish I could use Kick pedal as it was ... ... (Lol)

Since the same product of Endurance has broken, I made this product with good reputation within Circuit.

It is lightweight and it is surprising that it is not expensive, although fine adjustment is possible.

The instruction manual was also polite, and the trust increased in that respect too.

In future, I would like to actively select the company's products.

I purchased it because OEM handles are in the same position as my face when I lie down..
I am satisfied with Race ish ride more than OEMHandlebar!
I did not feel that it was painful to get on both Winding and the city ride at the pass.
Parts around Handlebar other than this product remain as OEM, but OEM Brake hose and Switch box interfere with Indicator and Cowl, so it is better to change them.
I got the installation at the shop, but it interfered with Cowl and Indicator, so it was very difficult to fight ...
Somehow, I was able not to interfere, but since Handlebar Lock can not be done, I need attention.
Originally because it is Racing Handlebar, CircuitSpec. People who do not Customize Customers think that it is better to purchase with premises to change peripheral Parts.

I noticed that when I reached that there was no Change Pedal and Brake pedal I bought it prematurely with images alone
Although it is simply my own mistake, I think that such a point is not good as it was attached with images
I can usually use extensively, but it is not good to evaluate because I got changed Pedal to buy another one

For the purpose of improving the Hold of the outer foot at the time of high SIDE, it is additionally attached to Endurance made Rear Sets.

Interference between Rear brake master and Exhaust Bracket, Extension of change rod is insufficient so additional purchase etc.. There was work within the assumption of.

We also made fine adjustments in Circuit run.

As a result I am satisfied - - -
There was an omission of due date and with Bolt leak, so I feel uncomfortable.