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Tycoon menyediakan mesh sheet yang memberikan kesan unik pada motor Anda. Mesh sheet Tycoon dapat digunakan di berbagai bagian motor sebagai pelindung radiator, cover fairing, dan lainnya.

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I tried construction on the Under Cowl of S1000RR 2015.

Processing is easy and cut with Nipper.
Bend at the corner of the desk.
Hot bond (Glue gun) Fixed with.
Glue gun can be purchased at Daiso for 200 yen.
It is also easier to remove from Silicon than recommended!

It's easy to process, so it's a good item that everyone can handle, but too expensive.

I purchased to add gold for accent to my black motorcycle. It doesn't stand out but I'm satisfied with it.

I read reviews of other customers for reference and cut it and stuck it on from the back using waterproof adhesive. I left it lying for half a day and it has stuck on firmly.
I've had it on for 2 months and am using it nearly everyday to go to work and it's still okay.

Although the Cover made with the plastic board was attached to the hole open with Front relocation of a Blinker, Since it is collecting into the whole
target which attached the Mesh seat here since appearance was surely somewhat bad with the Black & Gold. It was good for the Color coordinates to also have been made and for appearance also become an One point's Accent! Since
attachment was also like [ attachment ] the wiring stop, it has attached easily.

Since it felt coarsely in meshes of a net when it was an object for vehicles, it was considerably satisfied with the meshes-of-a-net Size of this product.

a dress-up up -- recommendation! if this is used for a radiator cover etc. -- rather -- KIMARI measure.
A price is also handy, and since there is also quite a many quantity, it is easy-to-use.

The radiator cover of VFR800 was changed into this product (gold and inside eye).
But since this product is a net made from free aluminum, it needs to prepare form by itself.
I think that differentiation with (it going out simply with the manual bending possibility of and nippers) however the effect of the appearance by this, and other vehicles is large.
Although it seems that it seldom thrusts in since there are few persons itself which has ridden on VFR800, the degree of self-satisfaction is high.
custom -- I carry out and think that there is good value of suffering troubles although it does not become precocious with bolt-on -- ~ (smile)

It is used for the shroud portion of XR.
Since custom [ although it looks quietly / the type seldom seen ], satisfaction is fairly large when you notice.
The place used for it regards many things as there being many uses on individual ideas.
Since a description is known in color and written at a low price although bending of a mesh may require a hang depending on a place, I think that it is satisfactory.
Although there is an accessory for wiring adhesion for attachment, since the components itself are more smallish, the adhesive power of a double-stick tape portion adds it to positive attachment in a home center etc., and thinks that it is weak as it is better to use the wire sticker and hot bond for wiring.