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U-CP menawarkan sparepart custom berkualitas dengan harga yang terjangkau. Backrest dan sissy bar berbahan stainless dari U-CP wajib dimiliki para rider pecinta touring. U-CP juga menyediakan knalpot stainless steel dengan desain yang simple nan unik untuk motor cruiser.

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I bought it as a connection because OHLINS of XJR 1300 OEM was stolen. Although I thought that I could not expect it by considering the price, I felt relieved that I worked as a Suspension exactly. However, we will not be able to recommend the recommendation because it will rise above OEM.

Avoid super-discount Chinese suspension and have a half-year warranty and made it a reputable U-CP's thing. I made it NORMAL color instead of OHLINS color.
Product Contents seems to be made in China, but it seems that quality control is done, it is a difference from the discount.
Looking with severe eyes, the Wound that seems to have attached at the time of manufacturing can be found, but I decided not to see it because it is a Level that can be taken with stepping stones etc.. Those who care about recommends OHLINS, but I will multiply the price by 10.
Although it was for CB 400 SF in the conformity model but there was no NC 42 notation, let me inquire to Webmaster by e-mail and there was a conformity OK answer and I had you purchase.

Although it is a ride, I do not know the severe, but the old OEM suspension I got on for 8 years (Oil bleeding) It is harder and harder than it is, it is not necessary to hang Pre-road.
You can do the installation by yourself, you can do it one by one without Jack, but if you make a mistake in procedure you will be disastrous, for VehicleJack is good so Jack-up enough to hit the rear wheel and hover the rear wheel Is absolutely easy.
CB 400 SF is girly unless you remove the Exhaust System and Chain Guard, but you can not put the bottom Bolt (Although it was missing). Let's take it from the beginning without impossible.
Rubber Bush on the top is hard to put in the installation, but when I painted Silicon grease I entered the installation.
Those who think that it is impossible for themselves, please make a decision to go to the Motorcycle store before removing the suspension, you can not run if you remove it.

Oil leaked in just one year after wearing, thinking that it was only one defective item and thought that if you purchased the same one more time ....
However, Oil leakage from the other suspension.
Both Dada leaked, so I quit the same thing.

It is cheap and the building is solid, I think it's okay.
As the hole in Baffle is small, I'm thinking I will change it to a turtle a little more.

Nut and backward Bolt are cautious (≧ ∀ ≦)
I got a bit more trouble than I thought (Bitter smile) Actually I saw the Radiator guard that came out later, but I installed it because I purchased it

The exhaust is prima, but the transporting time was 35 days instead 14-21, the packing was good, and the quality is precise.

I installed it in Intruder Classic 400. I am attaching KIJIMA's Saddlebag Support, but I could not install with Bolt attached to this Back rest. I need to buy a long Bolt for a while.
The installation by one person is quite lately strange.
It is quite hard to install, it does not do, it is quite persevering.
Although it is about goods, although it seems that Gold giant stick of the part of Backrest pretty thin in the image, it actually looked, but the place of Backrest is quite thick, there is no feeling to break.

Although it is compatible with VTR 250 and MC 33, the Bolt hole of VTR 250 in 2009 is 8 mm.
It was troublesome to inquire, the hole was expanded by the machine in the work place and installed.
I want Shop to check properly and sell it.