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U-KANAYA menyediakan handle rem dan kopling berkualitas tinggi yang terbuat dari aluminium. Handle U-KANAYA dirancang dalam berbagai gaya: touring, lipat, GP, dan masih banyak lagi. Anda juga dapat memilih warna handle untuk menyesuaikan dengan warna motor Anda.

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Bellissime leve compatibili senza alcuna modifica Prezzo, spedizione e tempi di consegna ok 26%di dazi doganali Beautiful compatible levers without any modification Price, shipping and delivery time ok 26% customs duties(translated by Google Translator)

Whether the hand is Small or Originally When the OEM Clutch lever felt a little far and went to the 300 kilometer Touring, the Left hands were very tired so I bought it carefully.
It's very easy to install, with Slotted screwdriver and 10 mm Wrench, the time required is 10 minutes for One Side.
It is easier to grasp than OEM and actually with a light force. Adjust lever also has 6 stages so it's very good as it fits Snap in your favorite position
It is highly recommended for people with small hands and those who often go to Touring !!!

I asked Manufacturer whether it can be installed in TMAX 530 DX, but I did not check the wearing but reply of Large durable.
In case of impossible mounting, in the case of Manufacturer direct purchase, there is a reply saying that it responds to the return gold, and if so, it purchased directly, but it is Just fit without insanity madness. Manufacturer I think that it is unique in correspondence with direct purchase, but as User is grateful as long as it is.

I installed it in the 2018 YZF-R6 but the brake lever side is extremely short and I can not hang my Small finger.
Looking Lever's Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Balance also has discomfort.
Since the length of LeverBody with color is the same, whether Attachment is different,
It is made from such a project from the beginning and it is suffering from judgment as to whether it is suitable in Kore.
Either way operation feeling is not good.
Especially bad compatibility with RACING Gloves which ring fingers and Small fingers are connected, it is troublesome.
Because it is impossible to continue to use as it is for mental and safety, it is planned to change to other Manufacturer's items.

Brake Side was good, but installation of Clutch lever The play of Pivot is terrible and the operation feeling is very bad. It is not somewhat loose but rather quite.
It is unknown because it is not a product of such precision or defective product, but it is unclear, but I think it will be disappointing unless you buy it as if it is a product with reasonable precision.

I bought these levers I wasn’t really fermiliar with the brand. I wanted to go JDM.I have used them for a week now and can say they are awesome the quality is top notch.i would definitely buy them again.

It is for MT - 25, but my friend 's New Model PCX (2018) It attached to. Quantity with color Washer included : Pair (for Left and Right) We were able to install together without problem. HandlebarLeft has Black color and accompanying WasherQuantity so as to eliminate the gap with Grip as much as possible and not to interfere with Throttle : 1pc. , Right Handlebar on Throttle side is Black color Quantity : 1pc. I attached it with 2 pieces of attached Washer.

Silver I wanted a solid bar end, I was worried about the Bar End of SP Takegawa, but I bought it for about 1000 yen cheaper.

The only bad point is that the installation Bolt Material. It is Hexagonal Bolt with Flange of Material as sold at Home center. If it's your own motorcycle, I wonder if it will be Cap Bolt + Stainless washer with Stainless Steel's hexagon socket.

I can not forget the feel of the Billet lever at Ducati Sixty 2 which I was riding ahead and purchase this product. First of all, saying JAPAN and obtaining repair parts are easy and selected.
There is no problem with installation and usability, switching of the scale is somewhat hard, but if this is too light, I think that it is rather scary so it's better. Harley and SEROW 250 ? I'd like to use it for KLX 250.