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If Case's Size is designed only for smartphone Body, if you put GlassFilm on it, it fits in Case but the pressure is extra applied to the corner and Film will float off in tune.
It is good if you normally use this Case without doing anything on the smart body, but I think that it is not suitable for using it like switching Case when attached to Motorcycle.

Mounts that are completely different from the posted pictures will arrive (Type stopped at Belt)
If you do not like it, it is that the return fee is borne by the customer and returned.
Please be careful who you buy from now.

The making of Case is solidly made, and if it is this, I feel that Waterproof is enough.
I put an iPhone in Case, I put the lid and attached it, I think that the part with Mount is unexpectedly loose, and it will be a bit blurred. I feel that if I keep it firm here, I am fully satisfied..
Protective Seal was barely bubbly entered by the thing that I tried, but if you push it out slowly slowly, you can eliminate bubbles little by little.

However, it is Large.

Even if the diameter of Handlebar is fairly thick, it is mountable and has width, so installation was extremely easy.
The feeling that I put on was firmly fixed, I was worried that it would break even if I turned on the phone.

I bought it because it is Case that can be charged with Waterproof.
Since the seal is high and the heat is difficult to escape, attention is needed in the summer because the smartphone will have heat when using a large application with a load such as a map application.
As a countermeasure, in Case, Drill made several holes in Drill, and in the interior Rubber case also drilled with a hole punch in the Punch, it got no heat and it was comfortable to use.

I switched to R6 and purchased Type attached to the Stem hole because there was no gap to attach the Smartphone Holder.
Just put it in the hole and turn the Screw was installed. I just do not care much, but Hexagonal Wrench is not included.

Purchase for security by Touring.
Although weighs more than you think, it is not as bulky as U-shaped Lock, so it does not get in the way of Bag or even putting it in Accessory Case.
Leveretc. Is not it incongruous, rock is astringent, lock is difficult.

It is compact, and since acting as Locke also only sandwiches a Handle and a Lever, it is very easy and easy to treat. Since it can equip after alighting especially by a place where one has gone etc. in a short time, it is easy. I also regard that a hand does not become dirty compared with
U character Locke or a Wire as it being a good point. Moreover, it is expected that it becomes getting into it being hard mischief since round understanding is acting also to appearance as Locke.