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UFO telah meraih sukses dan reputasi tinggi di dunia Motocross, Enduro, FMX, MTB, atau BMX sports. UFO merupakan satu-satunya tempat dimana Anda bisa mendapatkan sparepart bodywork atau pakaian motocross yang stylish dan fungsional dengan harga yang bersahabat.

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Purchased as RestoreParts of CRM 250 RK. Since there are Tail lamps and License Plate, they are prepared for processing, so there is no problem that the mounting holes are not vacant. The shape is basically the same as OEM. No hindrance in Design of.

Purchased as RestoreParts of CRM 250 RK. Mounting hole is not open but there is a dent indicating position. Shape and color tone are also UFORed and no problem. It is a shame disappearance that the hole is not open.

According to Base, I opened the hole and tried using it.
I also used the LED Blinker and it looks good Parenthesis? Haha? I like it and I use it.

"Color : White * Image is Color : It is Green Light. "
If the product is White, I also want the image to use White.
I intended to order Green Light by looking at the image, but White noticed it arrived.
Returned goods will be treated as customer convenience, shipping costs will be charged.
Shopping for thousands of yen, but I did something useless.

I used it in Universal processing because I got a Wound on fall. It also serves as LED BlinkerBase. I finished it very well!

Used in KX125K1. OEM and Guard alone Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) I will do about 5000 yen. This is a Guard and Guide Set so it's a bargain! However, Color is not in the Screw hole at the bottom of the Guard. In order to attach OEM Color, it is necessary to expand Screw hole.
I attached it with No Color as it is.

Michelin's PilotSTREET, Grip performance is great, but it is discovered that you can jump up the moisture on the road diagonally upward.
Therefore, such as after the rain will be muddy to the whole body.

So I tried installing this Fender forcibly. (For the installation, we cut off the rear part at once. )
Performance for Motocross is expected!
There is a thicker resin than CUB's Fender, it worked well for bouncing up.

It looks ticky "Black squid" It seems that it stuck (~_~;)

Just a description of Shop is wrong and the Guide arrived without a Slider. Since it can not be helped it was not exchanged. Just pinch it and just remove it and exchange. By the way, the Slider that arrived later was Black, not Blue.