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Ulasan Produk UK-Speed

We are wearing it before handling with Wee Big.
It is a little expensive shopping for those who are simply using commuters' feet, but it's batching!

I painted Black Gel White, so I was worried about paint peeling, but unexpectedly I can avoid stone squeeze.
Easy to install. However, if the installation position is too high, it may touch during Breaking, so height adjustment is necessary.

The price is somewhat high, but I think that it is surely a satisfactory product (*^^) v

I think that the wire part is firmly coated and the thickness of Wire is sufficient.
However, if the key part is Stainless Steel it is safe against rust. (Motorcycle storage place is under the roof, it is still for the first time to use for half a year, so now there are no rusty things)

It is easy to lock with a good Length
It prevents Tank Bag and Helmet from being stolen.

The Wire part seems not to be hurt by Vinyl coating and it is likable.

I attached a Carabiner that can also be locked to the rings
I am trying to use it without having to make it Loop.
This Recommendation

I installed the outside helmet holder on the vehicle, but I purchased it because there is no for Tandem.

It is a product that I found after searching for what specialized for Helmet. Ideally it was to lock the Wire by making it round the Handlebar, but it was a product that could be used as intended. Since it is not too long, there is no worry that Helmet will move from Handlebar.
When not in use, it gathers in Compact, so it is put under Jacket's Pocket and Seat.

The lock number is three digits, but you can easily change it.
Changing is easy, but I think that durability can be expected rather than making a fancy.

Material attached to the lock number : It can be done with plastic objects, but please be careful not to throw away as it is casually attached to the item. Even if we lose it, we can substitute if there is a thinner one - - -

Because there is no Helmet lock so Helmet stayed hooked by Mirror during a break such as during a touring, but truly worried about this, so I made this product cheaper. I think that it is suppression ability to some extent. Since there is a Length, not only Helmet but also Bag, Jacket etc can be locked together, and it is just good to carry because it wears Compact for it. However, there is only a temporary strength just to the last.

The Helmet holder of the Tandem seat section attached to the MT - 25 as Standard, is equipped with GT - Air - Because it is useless at KAMU III, I bought it for Helmet lock when I went out with my wife at Tandem.

In the initial schedule, I put my Helmet on Mirror and placed her wife's Helmet near Main key, and Quantity : 2pc. Set collectively lock !!
I thought, but I use it exclusively for my Helmet lock hanging on Mirror to stretch out and use it unexpectedly.

Since the product itself is Compact, put it in Jacket's Pocket and use it when it is necessary. And, it is useful.

The Minus point knows the feeling when the unlocking dial is complete so it is suitable for a long time use.
Once I get used to it, I feel like I can unlock it without looking at the number - - - (Lol)
This was similar to other Black products.

So, for a short time Spec. I am thinking by limiting.

And, KIJIMAKIJIMA : I installed Helmet lock. Lol

I bought it for locking Seat bag! Henry Higgins Seat bag locking hole was burned because the lock part was not thick enough to enter, but it was good as it entered the hole of Zipper. It was nice that the part of the lock was easy to use.