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UNICORN JAPAN unggul dalam memproduksi berbagai komponen tuning mesin hingga bodywork untuk modifikasi bergaya modern SUZUKI GSX1100S KATANA.

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The Unicorn replacement headlight is fantastic. It fitted straight in to the headlight frame perfectly and has proved to be a significant upgrade from my original light. The beam brightness has improved and the light itself is way nicer looking than standard. Thank you very much Webike!

It's for gsx1100s
I am using it on gs1000

The price was expensive so I bought it pretty well
One word of comment is very good
Armetc. I am using it together
For Arm only Clutch out of etc etc. There was also dissatisfaction
It was resolved brilliantly
ArmQuantity of yrp : Set Clutch lever AdvantageClutch board Clutch reinforced We are using lightweight countermeasure parts
Recently when holding a Clutch of NORMAL's gs 1000
I reconfirmed that it has changed to half force strength once again

gs1000. Every time I meet the owner of gsx1100s, the goodness of Lever
It is true that saying that prices are cheaper after price
There is no doubt that it is a part you do not regret once you buy it!

我的铃木GSX1400在安装这个限速接触器之前,最高也就260公里左右就上不去了,一点都不爽,明明感觉车子还有提速的空间,却被硬生生地摁了下去一样的感觉,买这个限速解除器之前也有顾虑到安全性的问题,担心会唔会对车子有什么不良的影响,可当我装好骑上车子跑了一圈以后这种顾虑完全不用去想,车子提速爽快,关键是轻松能跑到299,当然街道不是赛道,所以尽管装上了限速接触器,我也不会在大街上随意飙车。 My Suzuki GSX1400 can't get up to 260 kilometers before installing this speed limit contactor. It's not good at all. It feels like the car has speed-up space, but it feels like being smashed hard. Before buying this speed limiter, I also worried about the safety issue. I was worried that it would have any adverse effect on the car. But when I installed it on the car, I didn’t have to think about it. Refreshing, the key is to easily run to 299, of course, the street is not the track, so despite the speed limiter installed, I will not be free to drive on the street.(translated by Google Translator)

At the time of getting on, Belt Buckle got a slight scratch,
Purchase as a measure.
The finish of the product is very beautiful.
Installation is, rather than a product, KATANA's Tank
Because there is a habit of shape, I do not quite get it.
It took me a while to explore fixed points.
It is stable without detaching after fixing.
Also looks will not break the Line Casualness is Parenthesis OK.

As you all know, ignition is being culled, feeling of the engine at the start ~ low speed, power feeling, smoothness, and the feeling at the time of SHIFT up from 1st to 2nd speed by them was also considerably bad However, by attaching limiter cuts, they have been improved to be lazy. Especially the feeling of the shift change has become wonderful and better. I think that it is quite a recommended product.

I thought about what will happen with my first work, but slowly fold it little by little
I managed to do something.. I was concerned about the scratches on the Meter frame, but I am satisfied with being beautiful.

Cure to 1 pc. I purchased it because it's gone.
The delivery date was overtaking 15th
The feeling that I changed was extreme! It was an ordinary Rubber (Experience replacing OEM)
I entered the same as OEM, and I tried with Plastic hammer and Driver (LOL)
Is not it just a common OEM product with other companies

If the OEM is still on sale it feels good even at OEM
If the color changed at least, Custom feeling comes out

Very lighter with exchange from OEM, dry sounds echo. The volume will rise slightly, but an elegant very good sound will echo. Glass Wool is also exchangeable and it seems to be used for a long time.