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Unit menyediakan berbagai hand tool dan perlengkapan dan perkakas untuk perbaikan motor. Unit memiliki produk berkualitas dengan harga terjangkau.

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This Unit GPS/Smartphone Holder Mounting is very useful if your motorcycle do not have a regular handle bar. It can combines together with the mirror.

A handy piece of equipment. Great for light maintenance I have used for putting decals on my bike's wheel and for my bike's chain maintenance. I have no idea whether this is burden the side-stand to overload and fail, bending the stand. However, I think using to for short period of time for light/simple maintenance wont cause a big harm Stands and holds firmly. love the rubber like soft panels at the point of the contact with bike so it does not do damage to the bike. Cheap and useful. If you are thinking of getting one of these, buy them. I did not regret.

I bought it because some Moto b Logger was praised solidly. I make solid even the details. Although it may be severe for full-fledged maintenance, it can be used enough for washing cars and a little Chain cleaning. Although I have few turns since I bought a full-scale Maintenance Stand, the point that I can use easily is Recommendation.

Although it is an assembly type, I think that it is unsuitable for use in disassembling and storing it once assembled.
I think that it was even better if you could adjust the width and height.
It is convenient if you have it, but the lateral direction is Large, so after all you need to think about the location.

If you do not put the Tire in the Center, the Tire becomes obliquely formed when you turn the Tire and you can not turn it. It is troublesome to rotate while correcting each time. Call Maintenance Stand.

Considering ChainMaintenance, it is Maintenance Stand, but as I was watching Net, I found this item.
The price is also cheap and it can be tried easily, so Maintenance changes dramatically.

Used model z125pro yzf-r15 (2017)

The first thing I thought was that the box was terrible Small, when I opened it it was stored in Compact.
When using, remove Screw with anti-skid, just straighten Body and just insert Screw into the vacant hole Spec..
Since the contact part of Swing Arm is an L shape, it is a thing only with Rubber sticking, so it may be necessary to reapply later.

For the z125pro, it is now possible to minimize the height adjustment Screw of the ground part and ground it to the outside rather than the car body.
Since the ground part is Ball joint, we can earn a considerable ground contact area.

It was a little uneasy because of the special shape of Swing Arm at r15, but if you try to raise the car body from just under, you could raise it obliquely upwards without any problems.

When I do Lift up I rise with principle of leverage almost without using force, I am a good friend of ChainMaintenance and Wheel cleaning.

There is no height Adjust, but it was just right for XSR 700.
There are distorted feelings, Slip in Pipe, or it carries a chill chill while carrying it, but there is no functional problem.