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I installed the driven kit to my smart dio af56 and it's rum more power and even in stop and go is accelerate in low gear. the engine not taking hard to accelerate. the product came very fast only 10 days from Japan to Saudi Arabia. Thank you Webike for the fast delivery and the service to the customer.

Because abnormal sound occurred from Bearing of OEM's Driven, I was lost as to whether to exchange Bearing or buy a new one in Kit, but I thought that I would like to check the performance by attaching external items and purchasing Upstairs DrivenKit.
After installation, I felt Smooth rise to low speed → medium speed → high speed.
At high speed I got better growth than I expected and I was satisfied with Clutch's biting.
Although it does not see the attached figure in the appearance because it installs Cover in the installation, Clutch outer also thinks that the space area is larger than the OEM and the design is improving the weight and the cooling effect..
I also like Design.

Compared to NORMAL, 50? / The acceleration feeling improved after passing h. It's ZOOMER after all, so in the absence of dramatically changing parts, the effect that you can experience is evaluated Large.

so~~~this item...good looks i hope ~~~it's good item for my zoomer fi may be... i will buy again another item in webike for my zoomer fi speed up~~!!

I heard that the Center spring is a bit harder than the OEM of ZOOMER. Rotation speed just got better at the start and it was pulled from the low speed to the middle range.
After that I adjusted Pulley and Weight and it got even better.

Appearance Parenthesis is nice.

However, although it may be in stock now, I waited for two and a half months. Delivery is bad - -

UPS Aluminum Drive Face approximately twice less than OEM Drive Face, but hardly the difference can be felt on the go. Due to the changed angle of the working surface, the belt comes out higher - this increases the maximum speed. The diameter of the working surface is exactly the same as the original Drive Face = 92.5mm. In my case, the task has been achieved, I am satisfied.

I haven't installed product yet but the fit and finish is flawless! It is so sexy and spicy of the specimen. This product should work very well at pushing the hot gas away from clutch area as well as variator. So spicy and sexy Meow!

Since temporary income entered, I tried it for trial

I think that making is done well

To be honest, it seems to me that Gold value is a little expensive for Seat cover

The installation is very simple as it covers Seat

Because it was folded and packed, I was concerned at the beginning with Wrinkle, but I got used to Seat in about a week and Wrinkle was gone

Sitting comfort and touch feeling was better than OEMSeat Zensen, I did not slip and I liked it