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urbanism menghasilkan riding gear yang dibuat dengan teknologi canggih, seperti permeasi kelambapan atau anti air dengan balutan desain yang modern. Desain riding gear urbanism diakui oleh para rider sebagai desain yang unik dan belum pernah ada sebelumnya.

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It is 20's ♂.
Why is Biker's Jacket thinking that this is too bad? I was always thinking but found here in the shop.
It is Orthodox, not too cute design, not cheating on total pattern, it is exactly a urban good design as the name of urbanism.
Material is not kakashakasha or slippery, but it is also smooth in appearance and comfortable feeling because it is smooth and dense.

Although it can not be compared with other companies' products, windproof performance is also not complaining, the part of Neck is thick and warm.
At least Large in September October in Hokkaido was strong.

As with me, I do not like Design or Logic with strong company name or Logo's assertion, but it is too Recommended for those who want somewhat fancy Jacket because they are too cold in Fashion wearing.

It is a new winter Jacket of Urbanism who thinks it is personally the most casual Jacket for Motorcycle.
I like personal appearance the most "Motorcycle ride" With CasualStyle with less sense, the appearance of the Down area on the back side is very good.

Performance evaluation.
Replacing from Winter Jacket of Rough & Road We began using it from the middle of November 2018.
Because there is a tightness peculiar to Urbanism, it is about CompressionInner for winter and thin warmth Shirt, and thin Neck warmer, which can be layered underneath. With this equipment I ran a highway with a temperature of 5 degrees but I was at ease.
Many Jackets with Inner that can be removed are also sold, but still windbreak and cold performance are Quantity : 1pc. The thing is more upright above.
The appearance and performance are reasonable and perfect, I am satisfied.
I would like to add it again by using it in January February of the winter season.

One thing to note is that this Jacket has a slender Silhouette and its circumference around the arm is quite thin.
I am a standard body with a height of 170 cm and my arms are not so thick, but it seems that from the wrist to the elbow are slightly tightened when I wear 2 underneers. There is also Stretch nature so it is the best condition to prevent invasion of winds at all for the extent that it moves, but Level where you think that one who is thick is the One size Large is better for those with bigger arms.

Size feeling is usually M Size and just a little Large (There are some fingers) If you are a perfect Size.
People with long fingers may need attention usually in Size.
Damping pad is sufficient thickness. With Gloves without Pad I feel no numbness unless it compares.
It is good to be able to suppress correspondence of smartphone operation which is the basic function of today.
Design is divided into preferences, but with single cylinder Motorcycle, especially outside the palm (Grip time) It is recommended as a Mesh Gloves of one who is troubled by the numbness of.

I usually like M but I prefer Tight me so select it.
It is just fine to have light clothes, but it gets pretty good when it gets one more.
There is not one wearing too much so I hope that it does not wear.
Although it feels like being rider like everyday as usual, it can be used without incongruity.

Everyday wear does not purchase except M, but only winter Outer has failed in M, M can not wear it inside, on the other hand Panther DOW 's DownOuter does not even have to wear it, but cold feeling is transmitted on cold days To come. Even in LL, the chest becomes a bang when it gets inside, and if it is 3 L, the dress length and the sleeve length are chicken. This LB size setting is exquisite. Although it is used for commuting, there is no thing that the cooling sensation of the outside air is transmitted because it can wear it inside. It was nice to really buy.

One year A little, sewing of Shoulder part and Bag Body part was broken - - - Pack

It's fluffy Chinese-made !!

More sewing firmly - - - I bought two LargeSmall ~

Upon replacing Winter Pants in 2013 Urbanism - WaterBlueComfort PantsL Size I purchased it and wore well without spilling complaints and complaints little like a size as Size 4 years ago. I thought that urbanism was a little Small's Size. It seemed that I wanted a new Pants soon, I searched for various things, but I decided to wear LLSize again in Urbanism and became this item. First try to wear Pocket one place Right has a Zipper is not enough. Next, this Over Pants was disappointing that there was no Reflector. I think that it is a safety necessity item because it is early for wearing in winter and darkening in winter. Design and comfort Size is no complain!

Since it is still before use, talk about Size
I have purchased the LB of All season jackets of the same Manufacturer in the past, and at that time it was a little large-scale.
So I saw the Size table and purchased LL this time.

As a result, because of cotton buds or with Chest Protector installed it is exactly what T-Shirt is inside.
Since I can not feel so much, I became worried that Large would be durable in the winter.

Incidentally, it is medium-sized at 73 kilometers of 173 cm.
Yu ○ I wear M ~ L on Black.