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It is easy to install and there is no need to buy it because it also has Stopper, Plating paint is also same as OEM, so there is no discomfort in the connection with the Exhaust pipe.
Sound is a bit noisier than OEM, so I think that it is not suitable for the faction you want to stand out, but I am satisfied with my own self.
Since the power in the middle speed range is up, the output performance will become easy to rise on the uphill slope. In addition, OEM seems to be higher in the high-speed region, but since it reaches 80 kilometers sooner that the middle speed is above, it seems that it got faster.

I used WM's NEOStainless Steel 7 RMegaphone Exhaust System for about 4 years but I exchanged because the Baffle came out or the volume rose and I could not go through the vehicle inspection.
According to the rumors as it looks, Plating's texture is high.
Because it is Cafe-style, I thought Short would suit you, I made it here from Megaphone.

The sound quality became lower than 7 RMegaphone, but surprisingly Idling's volume did not change very much. Because there is no catalyst, it seems that the carburetor is louder in volume than fi.
The sound quality was low when driving, the crisp was 7 RMegaphone better. However, when accelerating it is a Sound with a sense of Pulse that seems to be Single, so I'm very satisfied. It was said that it is also a good sound for the members who toured together.

Carburetor CR38φ, RAMAIR filter Intake system carburetor CR38φ, RAMAIR filter 7RMegaphone from Slow Jet 1 step up, Jet needle 's Clip 2 steps up, Main jet 1 step lower, we are able to run comfortably.
Seasonally, I made it thinner despite the cold weather, so I think that the omission got worse.
However, at full throttle, there is no problem as it turns pleasantly to Rev limit.
I also feel that the slow Torque has improved a bit ...
Tokotoko Exhaust System which is good for running or turning, as expected it is Sakura Industry.

For installation, as with Normal muffler attachment, Bracket (Part of Tandem Footpeg) And Bolt to fix the Exhaust Chamber are necessary, so change from Replace is caution.

Exchange at 3,000 km after purchasing a new car. The sound of NORMAL is also quiet and not bad, but I tried it as a planet because it sounds like CUB.
Easy to install. Remove the OEMExhaust System and just slip on Silencer. I exchange the Exhaust pipe for SP Tadao so pull out the attached Gasket.
Sound is Mild and slightly larger than OEM. It is a personal opinion that the explosion system Exhaust System does not suit SEROW so it is correct.
It is also nice to have a light one. SP Tadao + Planas is a super recommendation to SEROW riding.

I installed it in NMAX 125. It is a product of Sakura Industry Co., Ltd. which handles Yamaha's Exhaust System.
Overall Torque will be up and you can LEAD the flow of traffic lightly from the start.
Exhaust noise also matches Large people's appreciation.

I use it by attaching it to R25 of 16 years.

About the appearance
It is a place I can not see if I look closely, but I felt a little disappointing because the welding of the Spacer connecting the Carbon cover and the Silencer was a pretty flattering complaint.
Also written in Silver Painting "Planas" Logo was also disappointing because it had a way of peeling that tends to occur when peeling Masking.
We do not know unless we look closely at the above two points, so we will make it an acceptable range.

As for performance, I use it as a commuter's feet so I do not do warm-up driving especially, but when I am cold than the OEM engine is cold near 7000 rpm.
There is a Torque Valley that OEM did not feel.
It will be enough if it is told that when you are cold not to turn it to that extent ...

The bass sounds up and the power comes out.
I will also upgrade as volume, so consideration to neighborhood is necessary ... (Although it is OEM, too)

Sports type motorbike has no glitter like Titanium Exhaust, but it seems to be tightened in reverse, so the reputation from friends is pretty good.

Also, AfterFire A also heard Small, so it got a fun Motorcycle as it rides.

I dared to emphasize the negative part dared, but I think it was good to buy.

It is a change from NORMAL.
It is a feeling that the sound quality is not possible and it is impossible.
I feel I Torque up from around 3000 rpm.
Even if carburetor is adjusted unless you cancel Cancellation, After will occur frequently.
Other than Cost performance, it was a satisfying shopping.

Although I'm going to confirm the sound quality etc compared to other products at the movie site, it is wonderful if I actually experience it with my ears.
AfterFire A does not appear even if the Exhaust System is changed. I think the sound is exactly good without too much Large. Since the OEM is quiet and there is no Tachometer, Timing of Gear changing was hard to grasp but it was improved.
Easy to install compared to 4 cylinder. However, I did not understand the order of installation of Exhaust pipe and took some trouble. The correct answer should be installed in the order of the rear exhaust pipe, the front exhaust pipe, and the silencer..
I had prepared a liquid Gasket, but it was not necessary because there was no exhaust leak.
Silencer and Exhaust pipe overall have a sense of quality and even remember superiority to other Custom Exhaust vehicles.
(The above content is personal opinion. It may differ from actual. )

I am on the 2017 model SR 400. I ran about 1500? At NORMAL and I mounted this PRUNUS from there. I liked NORMAL 's shape and performance quite a bit, but one step from OEM ... 2 steps, I decided to take the low - speed start of the top first exchanges. I feel like Sakura Industry as expected. I think that the precision of the attachment will not be compared with that of the Other Company Product. Weight is reasonably moderate. When accelerating, sharpness of sound, "Knock" He hits a sense of beating even in the tranquility. I feel comfortable and feel comfortable.