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US SUZUKI Genuine Accessories

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I purchased it because it is on the GSX - R1000.
There is no worry that the Top Bridge will be scratched by the common Rubber Key Holder.
I think that I am a wonderful Key Holder that I can claim to be riding the GSX-RSeries of the Flagship model of SEA BASS.
I will upload photos so please refer.

As Engine Guard, it fits well for M109R with Small swing.
However, as a Guard it is really small enough to protect only the Engine part, you can not protect Brake pedal and Shift Pedal.
In case you want to protect Pedal from standing gobble etc, I think that it is safe to choose another Guard of Manufacturer.

Still, OEM Product's sense of security and the Black color that matches BOSSMODEL are attractive.

The logistics and transportation time is very fast. It took 3 days for Japan to ship to Hong Kong, which is very convenient for shopping. The embroidery is very beautiful and the goods are very satisfactory.

At first glance toys etc etc. It is a cheesy feeling that Plating was done to Plastic which tends to be.

However, when put on the palm of your hand, it is heavy with Zussili, O-ring is also included, it turns out that it is neatly functionally.
Although it is a honestly unobtrusive part, SMark proudly claims it casually and personally is satisfied with Large.
We recommend you to wear SEA BASS fans by all means!

As Size indication is incomprehensible with Inch notation too much Large is too rough so if you inquire by e-mail you will only receive quite Large text. Usually I'm L Size ~ LLSize so I can not wear a Small if I ordered M Size. We are in trouble because we can not exchange goods and high prices as well. Why do not you give too much bargain as a business? Please think about more customers and make a business.

I am looking for Twill Weave Carbon Design and found this product with Mark of S. Three-dimensional Twill Weave Carbon also has a sense of luxury Parenthesis nice. GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA etc. It is perfect for a high status status Motorcycle. I pasted Small SEA BASSSticker on the vacant space below (^。^)

I purchased it with OEM Product of North America SEA BASS. My model is 2017 MODEL, but was the shape of 2016 MODEL and Tank cap changed? Although it is a type of product to paste, only one of the 4 parts is divided. The rest of the three were put in place, but because of the nature of Material, it is very disappointing that Cut can not be cleanly done and it is dirty feeling.

Since the ground plane of Pad and disc is too Gap, the edge of Pad will remain undiminished, so if there is no Maintenance properly there is a possibility that Brake will not work.