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US YAMAHA Genuine Accessories

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There is only Manufacturer OEM, Design is good and Pad is thick and texture is also good.
However, because it stuck without background treatment of Tank, it peeled off in a few days, and it was redoed.

For Seat only handling of Yamaha in North America is cheap for some reason.. I got on the 2018 Japan car without problem.
As Seat, Sponge is soft and comfortable to sit on, but the forward is narrowed down so it's a painful crotch to sit there.

For North America Yamaha OEMAttachment is a terrible item.
Is the image of product details firmly taken, is Level suspected image processing.
To be honest I'm ashamed of the Touring fellow who took over 8,000 yen or more of gold on such a Carbon Plate 2 pieces.
Do you know the meaning of Attachment? If you just cut the Carbon board and paste the Double-sided Tape, you can even imitate an amateur.
If you do not paint something, put Slit or design nature, no matter how much you say overseas products, this price is strange and the feeling of being deceived is not half-ended.
This product is the first time I bought Motorcycle Parts so far, I felt sadly like this.

I bought it by saying Yamaha OEMAttachment in North America.
I also wrote in the overall review, but there was only good design.
I bought it twice, but it will be so damned immediately...

Next we will make it to other Tank Pad.

The US YAMAHA Hard Saddlebag Support Brackets use very strong material,easy to install and look very-very nice.The workmanship also very good.

The US YAMAHA Hard Saddlebag Support Brackets use strong material,.paint so nice.Perfect fit at the bike,no need to do other hole to fix that.all hole are in position.

There was only USYamaha's goods, and the details included in making it firm. Because it is Yamaha OEM Product, it will not break the whole Balance even after installation ?? Because there are not so many people installing it, it is Recommendation for those who do not want to be with other people

I am using it for 2016 YZF-R1S.

I diverted similar parts from OEM Parts.
Shift Switch, ROD, Nut about 18,000 yen. (YZF-R1 RaceBase 2016)
The position of the attached Coupler is located just behind the top end of the Shift rod, Material : It is in Rubber's Cover.

Just mounting it as it is will not detect the Shifter, so you need to do a special action.

Hold Shift Pedal and turn key on

Hold that state for 10 seconds

Lower Shift Pedal

From the YRC setting screen you can change the QSS to 1 or 2 setting

Turn off the key.
Succeeded and screen animation is R1
Display Yamaha's Emblem instead of letters.

You can now use QSS just like the top MODEL.