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UTOPIA menyediakan kacamata goggle motocross dengan desain yang keren dan unik. Kacamata goggle UTOPIA tidak hanya mampu melindungi mata dan jarak pandang Anda saat berkendara, tapi juga mampu membuat Anda tampil lebih keren.

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The returning road where I ran through a galley forest road was always covered with legume palms
The next day, it was hard for me to grab the handlebar of commuting Scooter
At that time, find Palm Protector and believe in your imp
Since hand is Small person and Gloves uses M, so S / Purchase M Size
I felt like I saw it, my hole in the finger was Small, I was Small in size and Large in durability?
Wet suit and NeopreneMaterial thinner than the wadder, it stretched well, there was never a case where the finger became cold.
I have not reached the wrist, but I can Cover the part holding the Grip
You can install it even with Gloves with a sense of Fit.
I tried running the forest road of Gureare but could not make beans.
Although durability is still unknown,
Beginners holding the Handlebar strongly and weakened physical strength (myself) I think that OffLoader is a strong ally.

By Race in front of TV, watching Rider get it in the image of Grid
I found it hard to find the name I did not understand. (Lol)
Circuit my hand is numb while running, the base of my thumb hurts
A little relaxed.
If you do this with Gloves, you can feel Grip's grasp thickly.
I do not think that Grip is thin for those who like it
I am satisfied because I like the thicker one.

I always hurt my legs on my palm and it hurt, but when I use this product I can no longer make beans.
It also becomes a cushion against vibration, it is two stone with one stone.
Just inside Gloves will be cramped, so it may be better for some people to make Gloves one size Large.
I do not know because the durability of the product has not passed since I have not used it yet, but it seems not to be too durable like a material.
The price is also affordable so if you like 2. I think that it is good to buy three and make it stock.

The beans in the palm due to off-road driving are severe "It does not hurt so much" If I thought, people around me taught this product and tried purchasing.

There were two kinds of Size.
Always Gloves for Motorcycle is L Size, so L / It was just right if you chose Size XL.

Normally practicing, 90 minutes - I tried to use it several times at Enduro race of 100 minutes.

In conclusion, "Mame that was bad is steadily getting better"

At first, the bean peeled off after running, "Huh? It hurts," I thought it was somewhat disappointing w

However, while I was using it every time I noticed that beans were getting smaller by skin peeling.

Now the hardness of the bean is almost gone, ♪ There is no pain at all even after driving

If you stay as it is, it may become slippery slippery w

Another great thing is that you can say "no sense of fit".
This product is already worn directly, and adds Gloves on it.

So "You must be stiff." or, "Does the feeling of grasping Grip become dull?" I was concerned as uneasy.

But I did not feel them at all. When I start running, I forget to put it in (I'm sorry if I am insensitive) - - ).

Gloves' size did not matter as it was.

Because the fabric is thin, you may get torn if you make desorption rough.
I would like to make it a Large thing so that it can be used for a long time.

Since Gloves is using M Size, I chose Small Size. There is no sagging Large Kisite.
I do not feel as stiff as I thought, it seems to be usable without problems. Material is thin, so strength - I am slightly worried about what it has but I carefully wear it.

There are also recommendations of acquaintances, I wear when doing Motocross.

Until this Palm Protector was done, there were many cases where you can make beans at hand at the end of the day you traveled and you spent a few days remembering the pain. However, since it came to attach Palm Protector, it became impossible to make bean-like beans once.

I used it four times in Motocross, I felt the portion of the finger stretched slightly and frayed. I think that it should be about 10 times.

Size is for men L / I think whether it is good with XL.

I think that it can be used without problems if there is some clearance when wearing Gloves with bare hands.
This product is recommended at a time when you get used to it, but you are not familiar with Motorcycle yet.

I used it in rainy JNCC Ogatake.
As clay soil adheres to the Grip by falling or the like, it influences Large on the subsequent Race, so I attached this Mud Grip.
From the results, the effect is satisfactory enough, and although it has become full of soil many times, Grip slipping did not make it hard to have.
Material is called Sponge with many holes, it must be careful to wear it because it is made to somewhat Tight, but if it is an Open end Machine it can be installed in a few minutes. Of course, Grip will become thick, so it may be hard to hold hands with those who are small.
As a bad point there is no durability, in this time it's ruffled at 1 Race. It may be better to divide it into disposable for Race.

The two hands of Left Side are aligned with RiskRACING 's Palm Protector.
What is Palm?. Palm fruit? W

If you start TRIAL, beans will be in several hours!
Then split in hours and feel painful w
Up to now I've been riding Motorcycle for over 20 years and off-road has been doing for 10 years, so far I have never been able to make beans
I wonder if unnecessary power is included

I bought a Palm Protector that has a good reputation from my friends.
So, I bought a similar product called PalmSaver (We do not sell to Big)
How this is one hand only w aho w (Photo Right Side)
Please note when purchasing w

The feeling attached is enough to forget to wear with a soft material without pressure.
You can use it without discomfort even under Gloves.
The problem is still a soft material, so it will be how durable it is.
Since it runs once or twice a week, it takes about 5 hours per time, so if you take the price one year wonderfully is it a letter?
It seems that I will be indebted to you until extra power comes out for the time being