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I purchased a little Large texture and it has no problem with Fit feeling OK. Material's Stretch
Thanks to.

Red Select color and. Clean red color. Fire A Red!

Design felt like there was not a loud flashy show.

Purchased with Color Manufacturer's Off-road Pants to match color. I am satisfied because I chose it completely in Design, but Protection is almost none. It looks good just to run lightly in summer.

Purchased for transfer to MOTARD. Size was just right, but the back Pad was stuck with Magic tape. I do not have a Pocket so I feel a bit inconvenient for my regular Touring.

Drive NORMAL and V FORCE on the same road.
V FORCE has good Engine Response from the Partial of the rising cornering,
It led to Smooth acceleration.
In the area of ??town ride it is easy to get on and I think that it is the few Parts that can experience the effect.

I feel like I wore it 168? It was just right at the Riding position.
Pants and all together and the pattern is very satisfied privately.
I will go running soon this week..

I bought Black Wear, so I made this with color matching, I am using Large body XL because the fingers are a bit long, but there is nothing quite right with the feeling of palm palm, and I am using Alpine Star's XL I was using, I heard that O'Neil is a little Large texture, I tried purchasing L Size, the back of my hand is too cool for January's temperature, but for course I run a course I'm durable Large, palm He is fluffy and soft and hard to hurt even when traveling long, Lever operation It is easy to use, it is still used once, but I like the strength of the seams, but I think that it is good to consider the price.

Anyway, I am looking for Off-roadPants,
Because it is the first Pants, I thought it was cheap and good,
I decided on this.
After arrival of goods, it was Large satisfied when I tried to wear it.

Buy FOX's Moto bread so much it came out.
I bought last year last year, so I decided to arrange the bottom because I like this design.
Compared to a fox, the knee rotation is slightly Tight.
There is no problem.
Just as well (Even if it does not fit a bit, it is hidden with Boots) , The fabric is surprisingly firm and solid.
Since comfort is not yet familiar with the fabric, there will be a sense of ParisParis, but it will come to bear.
It is natural, but it is far easier to move than Jeans etc..
It is special in forest road, but if you run with Protector, you should wear Moto bread.
I aligned up and down so I'm looking forward to the future.