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TIGER 800 XCx is a Wire type Clutch, but this Lever was not installed because it is for hydraulic type. Also, I tried to remove the mounting part and replace with Lever, but because the shape of the cutout is different, I could not use it at all. Please remove from correspondence list.

Although it is STREET TRIPLE, it is quite the same situation as the essential processing comment on the above. As we managed to fix it somehow and returned it ? I think that it will not be subject to exchange, but what kind of thing will you sell such a product in a compatible model. Package delivered to me is also YZF - R 125 (08') was.

It looks exactly like OEM Product, but the material is bad.
The Stem is too soft, it hangs down the next day after it is attached, and it will hang around when it will break.
It looks sagging and it looks bad Parenthesis.

Typical "Cheap and bad" It was a product.

The fundamental shape is different from OEM Shape.

When attaching to DAYTONA 675, because the pitch of the mounting hole does not match,
Drilling to car Both Sides is necessary.
Also, since Connector is completely different from 675 things, porting is essential.

By the way, in the package we received "YZF-R 125" It was notation of.

Since the Grip position of the hand might become it coarse that it was unexpected to the Handle and the finger might become painful as a result when the long-distance Touring etc. were carried out, it equipped as correspondence to such things. Although it does not become obstructive as a
using feeling, I am not like [ of being effective ], either and think whether to be a soothing grade. Since it is cheap also in price, even if those who are worried try once, I think whether there is any loss not much.

[Webike Monitor] As for this which is regarded as each being the same engine performance if Teflon processing is considered as the FLEX Lever in short although the engine performance as
expected and goods of this sort are carrying out each company Release, one cheap to a commanding lead also in each company is charm. They are recommended goods, if not scrupulous since a Lever and a Holder are consumable goods.