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Valter Moto Components

Valter Moto Components didirikan pada 1998 sebagai jawaban atas tingginya permintaan komponen motor balap. Hingga saat ini, Valter Moto Components terus memproduksi sparepart motor premium sepert handle dan rearset berbahan aluminium, baja, dan titanium alloy.

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I used this product at the different Motorcycle with the Slider of the Balter Moto this time, so I chose this product this time, but it is a dull feeling Gold, the texture is not good, Large is also subtly small Smuck. It was a little disappointing.

OEM's Black Cap did not even complain.
However, I wanted to change the atmosphere slightly
So I tried to purchase.

Naturally it costs 6000 yen for this Cap
quality - It's both textured and colorful
It is a good feeling with Miyoshi Red.

Later, do not fade away by long-term use
You passed it..

The accuracy is good as it matched the Screw hole batch. The texture is also good! But the price is a little expensive. I have not reached Mirror yet because I do not receive it.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
In turning on the Babyface Engine slider, OEM's Filler cap can not be used, so we chose a product that has a small part on the surface.
【How was it actually used?】
Beautiful, you can remove Cap without problems.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
Just tighten, but Anodized easily hangs. I wanted the part to put the tool not to Anodized.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
As you can scratch as much as possible, polish the tool and turn it lightly.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
Because Anodized fades, I do not like it much. The whole was Powder coat, and the part where the tool enters should have turned to Hard anodized aluminum of No Color.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if there are any improvement points; I think Design is good, but it is not possible to increase the number of scratches each time Oil is exchanged.
【Have you compared items?】 SSK Original Filler Cap

Function and feeling of use are no problem but Rear brake
Switch installation needs a bit of ingenuity f (^ _ ^;

Bolt and Nut on the Engine side of GEAR Chen
NORMAL It will be used by car.
After that Rear brake switch is NORMAL car
Although it is being attached to Rear Sets
This Parts attached Rear brake switch
I can not do things like that to footpeg
Processing is required.

I installed it together with the Exhaust System replacement.

I thought after receiving it at hand - - - heavy - - -

Because it is made of iron, it is heavy. And rust is made of iron.
A little rust came out from a bald part of the paint so I upgraded it.

It is processed by Logo Moto's Logo, but did you cut out with Hanger, Jigsaw or something in the first place?
BALI remains or marks cut out in the section of the cut surface remain.

Well, as it does not affect the function, honestly I do not need anything else.
Is this neighborhood ItalyQuality?. I do not care about the function, so it seems like a good idea - - -

Foreigners will hear that even if Wound enters the car's Bumper, they will not handle Wound,
To be honest, what is unique about the sensitivity of Japanese people.

I decided not to do Tandem so I can fulfill the function as Exhaust System Hanger.
However, if you also remove the footpeg of Left Side and the Right Side is attaching a heavier Hanger than footpeg, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) With regard to GSX - R 750 k 8 - L 0, I think that Balance of weight will change, and the other suitable Hanger is about RG.

Well I got cheap, so I complain luxuriously - - -
In general, is not it bad but is not it good.

I installed it on Black of GSX-R1000 K8. I attempted to install around Cowl, but did not fit in the Bolt hole stopping Cowl and used it for Bolt of Front fender. Bolt is a feeling that it seems to be transformed at once.. For reference, there are For M6 and For M8, but the Spacer itself is the same in Large size. The diameter of the hole through which Bolt passes is somewhat different from Design. Poshetc. I will double the price of Spacer, but I think that Design is worth considering. The delivery date was 5 days. Fast

The design of Balter moto components is still the highest level. Although there are times when I am bothered by lack of explanation or due date, I think that there is a value worth buying high money. I attached a black cap to the black of GSX-R1000 K8. I installed using a genuine O-ring. Installation is simple. There was also a story that other people's impression had oil leaks after installation, but in case of myself there was no problem. The delivery date arrived early, arrived in 4 days. I was prepared to wait, so I felt very got it. There are many other products of the oil cap, there are abundant subjects for comparison, but the product of the balter is wonderful. It is a unique design that is unique to Europe. It's a bit of an accent, but the eye catches up and I am dying in Etsu. I think that there are ways to have fun, owning, riding, touching, watching bikes, "Watch" It is recommended for those who enjoy pleasure.