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VANCE&HINES merupakan produsen suku cadang performance berkualitas tinggi di industri powersports. Knalpot dan filter udara VANCE&HINES cocok bagi Anda yang ingin meningkatkan performa mesin V-Twin Anda!

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SEA BASSBOULEVARD 400 Attached to final mold. Installation Instruction Manual is English version notation, so I managed to install it with reliance on the photograph. Forme not disappointed, Large satisfied with sound. I am running fun.

The price is a bit stretched but buying has no loss!
I can not run without Baffle past the explosive if it says strongly. Lol
When I run through the streets, it is Level where my eyes around me are anxious...

I did not want to change the appearance so much so I made it to Slip-on Silencer with a pon.
I leave Tuning to Shop, but horsepower is out for Slip-on Silencer.
I like clothes so I can remove it even if I'm clumsy.
Since there is no bank angle, the bottom side is full of scratches ? ? ? ?

The good sound of Baffle was unsatisfactory, so I bought Qui Baffle and wore it.
It has a bass and a pleasant sound. I do not feel that it is too noisy at all ^ ^

testtesttest Sonehara

I installed it in 2017 MODEL 's ninja 1000. The diameter of the Bolt connected to the Exhaust Guard does not match. The OEM is about 1 Size thicker. It is possible to substitute Bolt of Home center.

Sound quality is slightly ruffled by low rotation. It's a pleasant Sound at middle to high speed. It is a high-pitched sound..

If the OEMExhaust System is 5, the volume is about 9. The vehicle inspection does not pass.

I purchased Black, but the texture is good. It is Recommendation for those who do not like the Titan seven colors or the Race ish atmosphere of Carbon but do not want to destroy the atmosphere with cheap clothing.

Although it does not become a perfect straight pipe because of OEMCatalyzer, the Exhaust System itself is just a cylinder. I think that this price was good even with Baffle.

I'm almost satisfied but I'm considering my own Inner silencer. It's a bit too noisy and I feel comfortable participating in a meeting with ease.

Four giant punchy force to get Refreshing around her ass. I think that I was glad I bought it.

First of all it's about installation, but when asking Motorcycle shop Screw did not fit, we had to use another Screw, at that point we installed the star 4.
The volume is still quite Large, I do not have any vehicle inspections overseas, so it's fine even with explosive sounds, but it's not because you have an automobile inspection in Japan.
Idling sound is very big anyway so anyway, I recommend making your own Baffle, or buying it, running out is not too much Large.
It was easy to install other than Screw for installation and accuracy is good, Motorcycle shop said that!
It is for BOULEVARD 800, but it can be installed in BOULEVARD 400 & Intruder Classic 400. (Because MotorcycleFrame is forced to 400 for 400 and because the shape of & Engine is the same)
Design of Black color is also really cool like Stripe!

The appearance seemed to have some degree of silencing effect - - - I think Idling is slightly down the volume, and I think that there is little change after that.