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It was made thicker than Komine's Handlebar Warmer purchased at Raiko Land, but as soon as this speed comes out it will force Clutch and Brake lever by wind pressure to arbitrarily, is for Scooter

I bought this Small jetSeries differently by Coloring.
I imagined Small Shime from the product name because Head Size is Small, but I think that it is probably 62 to the head of Exactly.

StandardShield has a sharp pointed ClearBubble shield in the forward direction, but it seems that there is no UV function and the sunshine is insanely hot.
Immediately switching to an optional Smoke Shield is recommended.

The ear space that houses the popular Helmet Speaker has plenty of room and you can attach Speaker yourself with Double-sided Tape.

Since the interior foam Styrene is thin and hard, the comfort is a bit painful.

The mail order price is sold by Helmet which seems to be the same for less than 5000 yen in Amazon, and evaluation is also quite reasonable, so here is a relatively expensive feeling.

Since 1,000 yen gloves bought at Home center got hurt so I bought it for a replacement.

The dough is thin and the length is short so there is a drafty wind and it is very cold.

I was surprised that the 1,000 yen gloves bought at Home center is better in performance.

It is a good point that a Rubber shines just to a Clamp so that its Handle may not be hurt, but if a 500-mm Plastic bottle is put in, it will fall horizontally.Since it is the Aluminum, it is strong to corrosion, and although a Design is also good, applying to Hold nature is dramatically regrettable.

It seems that a Size is quite larger than being displayed.Compared with the thing of OGK, there is also no feeling of a Fit considerably, and fog is shallow.Although the attached Sponge was stuck, the thing which was as a little more than one more sheet was stuck.Then, it is a grade called how.I think that it is suitable for it in price.

cheap [ since it was cheap, it was bought, but ] -- it was useless for becoming.
-- being less -- strings which extract only with the string of middle are not lucky.Although the portion of a Rubber is before and after
, respectively, it was turned over and a little wind has gone up.It is turned over by a little true wind.It will be turned over, if you notice even if it corrects.If it does not let the
Chain lock etc. pass, it is likely to fly only with the string of middle.However, the hole only of before which lets a lock pass is.Since the Cover used until now [
] is protecting the Motorcycle from wind-and-rain ultraviolet rays out of every day mostly on the 365th, even thousands of yen thing is two years.Anxious also about intensity, since he has a quite thin feeling, although it became that what is necessary is just to have for three years and was touch.

Furniture of the Size was good and it was solid considering the price.
They were five stars when there was a bag to put in when not using.

Since the Cover which was being used until now had become tattering, it purchased to the change. if it considers that it has taken from the root by the strong wind although it came out and was satisfied and the touch
> touched and the touch with which it equipped were Belts with what [ thicker ] it is a thinner string which is fixed in the Motorcycle lower part after covering, and the front was using in good health, they will feel uneasy in durability a little. Since it can be used without for the moment [
> ] damaging, it is satisfied.