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Bike-Pack system dari VENTURA adalah box motor berkualitas tinggi yang cocok digunakan untuk tipe sepeda motor apapun. Box motor serta bracket box dari VENTURA siap membuat aksi touring Anda menjadi lebih nyaman.

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They are a few carriers which can be used for a buell.
It is 笙ェ which can attach a tail box at last now although appearance is cheap.

The base set & sports rack was purchased and it attached instantly.
The accuracy of attachment condition was also tolerable at perfect bolt on.
Although the attachment description became attachment only by the figure instead of Japanese, the attachment time required was about 15 minutes.
The purchased reason thought as important the place exchangeable for a grab handle according to uses, such as a sports rack.
Although not necessarily compared with other goods, considering structure, I thought that it was comparatively high-priced.

It purchased with the base set.
I think that structure is not bad.
Compared with a base set, since flexibility is high, sports racks are good to excel in performance to a slight degree.

I was prepared for some processing ? ? ?
Half holes of Bolt can not be aligned and fitted.
There is about as appropriate.
I am going to process it and apply it this time.

This is the worst experience to online shopping for me!! the customer service misleading me to buy this Base Set,they toll me it can install the box! BUT is can't!!! you should buy one more parts to finish this is just a back seat handrail! don't believe the the customer service and the picture they show you! they just care about your money,they don't care you!!

I think that the price is high but it is good enough to match it. Instruction Manual for each car body (English Version) I think that it is contained. I think that there is no problem if it contains a lot of figures and somewhat can read English version. CBR250RR (mc22) Although it was necessary to process a part of the car body at the time of installation, it is invisible position and I think that there is no problem because it does not process Frame.

Currently I forget to ship the top case of DIY. There is no sense of anxiety even when putting heavy items. Because the position is high, Handlebar becomes easy to shake. I think that it is a reliable product though the price is a little stretched.

The capacity went unexpectedly large.
Installation is simple and reliable because it uses dedicated Base.
When running on a highway, the upper side of the back dents with wind pressure.