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Heatec menjual pakaian hangat yang dapat menghangatkan seluruh tubuh menggunakan baterai. Rompi dan sarung tangan Heatec sangat direkomendasikan untuk keselamatan rider saat berkendara di musim dingin.

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Simultaneous purchase with Jacket 7A. It is made a little Tight, but unlike Jacket it has stretchy feeling so it feels good. Connection of the power Harness comes with a two-pronged Socket so that it can be used with Jacket.
As soon as Switch is added to the shine. Temperature setting is 3 steps. Each time BodySwitch's Button is pressed, the color of Switch is strong = Red - Medium = Yellow color - Weak = Lit green and visibility is good. Unfortunately, Jacket has no Remote Controller switch attached. Temperature switching and ON / OFF is difficult with driving, you have to stop and operate each time.
So we are constantly on weak and trying to adjust the temperature frequently in Jacket. If Pants are warm, unexpectedly without turning on Jacket, the whole body is warm enough. If the temperature is about 8 ° C or so, only when the temperature is weak and OK. I am using it like putting Jacket's Switch after about 5 ° C.

Early spring and late autumn running while trembling in the cold. We will respond below 10 ℃. So buy this two items friends recommended item together with Pants.
I bought 7 A Type, another 3. There is a power saving type of 5 A. Friends 3. I was using 5A Type, it was enough, but there is no inventory at the time of purchase, and if it is Battery of Large type car, it buys by that it is no problem even at 7A. 3. The difference with 5 A is that it is not the heat generation temperature but mainly the difference in heat generation area, Cover the area of ??7 A about twice the area, more comfortable.

Installation is easy for installation due to Power Cord directly connected to Battery.
Engage Engine and connect to Jacket's code, as soon as you switch on. Temperature setting is 3 steps. Each time BodySwitch's Button is pressed, the color of Switch is strong = Red - Medium = Yellow color - Weak = Lit green and visibility is good. Excellent is Remote controller switch. While driving while turning it on to Handlebar, turn it on / OFF and temperature can be set. This is very convenient..
When the outside air temperature is about 10 ℃, it is hot even if it is weak, and frequently turns on Switch / OFF. It is convenient because it is Remote controller switch.
It is weak enough and warm enough even when the temperature is around 5 ° C. There is little to use strong, much stronger. To put it another way, if you have the weakest setting under weak one more step, I think we can do more.
Also, the connection between the body code and the tip plug is weak, so there is a possibility of disconnection. I reinforced with Vinyl Tape.

It is a dedicated code for connecting to Heller Socket which is adopted for BMW and is slightly smaller than Cigar socket connector for power supply of Small Type, so it is easy for BMW riders to connect. Beware of getting on and off when you get on and off.

The first Electric Heating Inner Jacket.
Easy to handle, REMOTE CONTROLLER operation is also easy. Engine warms up in a short time after engine start. If you have one piece, Large will be active in Touring on a cold day. I wanted Heat Inner Pants.

I bought it with Gloves and Set.
I was drawn to the concept that power can be taken from Battery.
Heating performance itself was perfect, it was comfortable even in winter.
Attach REMOTE CONTROLLER to Handlebar, turn ON the power at hand / It is wonderfully convenient to turn it off.

Only a small part became abnormally hot during high speed driving, burned and it became blisters.
When I sent it back to Manufacturer, it seems that the broken part gave off heat.
Also there was Trouble saying that REMOTE CONTROLLER did not work, power did not turn on, it was hot and trying to lower the temperature did not come down.

It is a very good product if the place I said is correct - - -

Gloves which can take power from Battery, I can also work with Inner Jacket, so I was attracted to that Concept and purchased it.
It is warm, comfortable and good enough to forget being in winter.

However, if you sweat it will leak electricity and the hand will be numb..
I exchanged 4 times, but I got numb with even 4 wearing.
I will start to get numb at the second Touring.
Sometimes it hurts so I could not grab a Grip.
Now I use Inner Gloves and I am using it.

It would be great if we could improve only the electric leakage - - -

Since I'm sensitive to cold, I wanted to try this jacket. But I hesitated to buy one, for it wasn't sold at the store nearby and I couldn't get a chance to try it on. I finally bought it this year.
I think it is smaller than the size indicated.
You should select the same size or one size smaller of the jacket you are wearing as an outer.
As I wanted to wear it tight, I chose size S, which was one size smaller (I am 170cm high and weight 57kg).
It was just the right size as have expected.
It can't be said that it is comfortable to wear, for it is made of carbon fabric and has wires, but those things don't bother you.
Compared to inner down jackets, it is thinner and good.

As for the most important electro-thermal effect, it is better than expected.
If you set the voltage to maximum, you will even sweat when the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees.
On winter days, you sometimes feel hard restarting after taking a break, but if you have this jacket, you won't feel like getting off your bike because you'll get so warm and comfortable.

It is difficult to operate the switch while you are driving, but you won't have trouble, for it comes with a remote controller.
This remote controller is really convenient and good.

You need to be careful for it becomes a burden on the battery, but you can go out on touring drive without wearing layers of clothes if you have this jacket.
I'm a little worried about its durability, but fully satisfied with its performance.