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Whether it depends on the posture while running and the size of the jacket elbow part, only the forearm part could effectively cool the captured wind. (Although we have pretty thick arms, there is room for the outer jacket Size to move enough of the arm at the time of evaluation)
I feel realization of the wind, but with only the forearm part and partial effect, but anyway the upper arm part does not sweat much so there is no problem.
If Ventilation from the outer jacket Front is enough, I think that this one is very effective.

Certainly cool. Although the riding motorcycle is designed so that the wind does not hit the hand directly, it has an effect.
Especially on the side of the hand I feel it, but it works great when I wear it on the palm side!
However, depending on the thickness of the fabric, but wearing it on the palm side, falling with the arm down on board will fall. At that time it is a big enemy!

Easy to install Separable easily.
If you do not remove it before taking off Jacket it falls when you take off.
Does not it seem like much wind will come in if it is a normal attachment method?
If you try to wear it on the flat side rather than the shell side winds will come in first, but will slippage be worrisome?
The part of Rubber will be steamed.
Is it better than insects coming in cuffs full-open running.

It is something to take in outside air by being caught in a cuff
I can hardly tell by the town speed.

Jacket of wide type of cuff even on highway (Such as leather jacket) The effect is thin.
If it is more verifiable as to whether it is cool it may be easier to understand as the winter cold weather is cooler.

It is hard to drive a little elsewhere.
(Do you disturb Accelerator operation?)

It is softer than I thought
It is lighter than I thought
It is better than I thought that there is an effect of wind escape (^^) /
I did not really think about it, but my jacket was
Although the hand part was Blue color, I chose Black
Ah Blue more Match ... and personal
I had a problem ^ ^; I tried but 3Season's
Because it is more effective than expectation for Type not Mesh
Is it a good drop product?

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Where there is anything that seems to be able to ride cool in the future for the intense heat of the future, discover the guy, and you have to try trying out to purchase.
【How was it actually used?】 As I thought, I got the feeling that the wind crosses the body. It is cool.
【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 It depends on Jacket.
【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】 Jacket's cuffs are watch out for items with Belt like things. My stuff is Jacket like that, but it is quite difficult to order, if you turn on Air Intake Belt will not close and it will struggle.
【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) I think that it will not be possible to take it while running while it is tight.
[Is there anything I was disappointed about?] Where it is unexpectedly rugged. It will hurt from the back of the hand to the wrist, and depending on people Camouflage who is rash with sweat. Especially SS etc may get in the way when UTurn.
【Hope for Manufacturer - Please tell us if there are any improvements; Manufacturer's Site and YsGEAR had Green Light, but it was not on Wae Big. Why is it? Green light was good!
【Have you compared items?】 Is it cold feeling Towel that wraps around the neck.
[Others] I think that it will not be damaged by buying the coming season

Do not ask me, I will not ask for it at this time. Early preparation with this impulse reading is ◎ Recommendation, it is an impression of the sensation of the summer 2015, but first I had ride on Simpson's skin Jacket with leather bread every year but when I purchased and tried the item of Benz, summer day (30 ° C or less) If the degree is around the sleeve and around the collar even during the day, I feel a touch of winds, it's so comfortable.
A midsummer day to be worrisome (30 to 35 ° C) Comfort is not felt, but there is a difference Inner's sweat wetting condition Previously, although it was quite a sense of feeling well from the side to the stomach, it is hot, but the hot feeling has a sense of feeling It is the impression that it is almost nothing, this product effect is available.
It depends on the angle of the elbow. MT-09 is hot, as the street of the wind falls a bit as the elbow is bent, so BOLT Shoulder Bag stretched elbow and was comfortable.

It is about time that this VENTZBenz Air Intake comes in.

Even though the temperature is a little low, I was wearing a cold weather clothing or wearing a Jacket in Mesh jacket, but as soon as the temperature has entered one digit, it is no good.

It was time to wear cold weather Jacket for Three season.
However, since the temperature will rise during the day, it is hot to wear the cold weather Jacket for Three season, so it will be the turn of this VENTZBenz Air Intake.

This VENTZBenz Air Intake is small compact and it is very compact so I always put it in the Pocket of the cold weather for Jacket for Three season and hide it.

Recently, in the morning and evening when the temperature is low, it is in the Pocket, but during the time when the temperature from before 10 am to the time after 2 pm is over 20 degrees Celsius, attach it to the cuff of the cold weather Jacket for Three season and run I will.

Even at the subtle temperature of change of the season, thanks to this VENTZBenz Air Intake, clothes to wear the cold weather Jacket for Three season came to be attached earlier.

When this VENTZBenz Air Intake is attached to the arm cuffs of the warmth Jacket for Three season, opening the Ventilation on the back of Jacket and running with Motorcycle, the air entered from the cuffs of both arms comes to the back and the temperature inside the Jacket comes out at a stretch I will go down..

The temperature inside the Jacket changes noticeably even by opening and closing the Ventilation on the back of the cold weather Jacket for Three season, but whether or not you wear this VENTZBenz Air Intake on these arm cuffs is also quite possible, can.

The combination of the opening and closing of the Ventilation on the back of the cold weather Jacket for Three season and the combination of whether or not this VENTZBenz Air Intake is mounted makes it possible to adjust the temperature in some Jacket.

Although I am troubled with cold, hot is also troublesome.
In such a case, we suggest that you use this VENTZBenz Air Intake to surpass the heat.

When wearing the Mesh jacket in the summer, this VENTZBenz Air Intake has no effect at all, but when wearing the cold weather Jacket for Three season keep this VENTZBenz Air Intake in the Pocket and it is very handy when the temperature goes up It will be Items to do.