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Vesrah merupakan produsen kampas rem dan sepatu rem yang telah ada sejak 1950. Dengan moto 'Reliable, Safe, Trustful', Vesrah menawarkan produk yang bervariasi mulai dari model klasik hingga model terbaru.

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package has arrived safely, it fits in yamaha scorpio

barang telah diterima dalam kondisi baik, overall perfect

Since it was using ZCOOType C before, it is compared with OEM but in town I think that it is closer to OEM than in the middle.
Touch is tightly, I feel secure..
Although it is stopped with one finger, control of braking force, performance at the beginning of the effect is not bad, cold effect is better than OEM
People who like Gun and Effective Type may be unsatisfactory.
It would be nice if you could buy it cheaply, but MT07 is also good for emblems so purchasing according to usage situation may be better

Compared to NORMALShoe, Speed ??control is easy to do.
Of course, the effectiveness of Breaking is very good.
Replacement is the same as NORMAL's Brake Shoe.
Spooning is sold separately, so I replaced it with OEM Product.
Since we are exchanging Wheel, this product number does not correspond to XV 250 Virago.
Bethra product number : It becomes VB - 239S.

I use it for ESTRELLAFinal
Is it the real pleasure of riding a motorcycle to exchange Oil yourself?
When exchanging, the existing Filter contains a stick of Gold genus
We will also use it for the next Filter so do not throw it away even if you make a mistake
It is a conforming product, so there is no problem at all

Keep quality and performance, Cospa best.
Buy it and change it for every Oil exchange!
I only have it once in two times.

I am creating and maintaining an easy maintenance history table by myself. Last time we exchanged (Same product) The mileage from the time was 7,124 km. It will have a real life span. Originally, my Motorcycle is linked back and forth Brake, so Rear will work even if it only hits Front brake, so I think that braking is done quite frequently if it is integrated with Rear only use
On the other hand, Front's Pad has been lasting longer. Braking performance is satisfactory and no problem at all.

Although it is a serpent, why, with Wae Big, Front's Brake Pads (VD-9070JL) Because it does not sell, I purchase only Front with another WebSite. Handling with Wee Big, thank you.

With Motorcycle life until now, DAYTONA (Red, Gold) , Bethra (ZD) , CARBONE LORRAINE (RX−3) And I tried VD under 1 Rank from Besla's ZD (It was getting cheaper!)

1 Life⇒Mini circuit (2 hours) Pass (200km?) , Touring (1000km) I used it and it was like I felt 1 mm?. Besides Circuit, I ride dragging Rear, I clean up Chain, Wheel after running every time, but it is almost the same as DAYTONA's Gold. If this is the way you drag it, Life may be long.

2 Quality ⇒ Truly a maid in JAPAN, although it is a place I'd like to say, I guess this price will not change if it is this price class. Plateetc. Of course the texture of course is good. Lightly chamfered, put on Pad grease, tried without putting on, but neither sounded crying. (CARBONE LORRAINE had things that would not turn on Grease)

3 Braking ⇒ Well, ZD, CARBONE LORRAINE, it worked around where I stepped, I thought it was too effective, but made it to VD, but it is a bit short.

4 Feel Brake better or worse in the back. As Image (1 is the weakest 10 is the strongest)
VD 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78910 (Lock)
ZD 234, 56, 78910 (Lock)
RX−3 345678910 (Lock)
I felt it..
5 Cost Well, it is normal.

If you do not run SportsTire, Winding in SportsTire, Touring tire, I think that it is a good Pad that you can take peace of mind in the sense that it means only the Cost side and the step you stepped on. If you are dragging Rear in Sports driving, if you want to add a deceleration even a little, we recommend top ZD. It is high ZD ? ? ?