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VESSEL menyediakan berbagai perkakas seperti kunci torsi, obeng, mata sock, dan peralatan pneumatik hingga produk anti statis.

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This review is for the VESSEL Precision Hex Screwdriver Set TD-58 with 6-sizes. This is my second Vessel precision driver set from their TD line, and I must say that I’m very pleased. The case that holds the individual drivers is great and it can even be hung if desired. Each driver has a sturdy feel and the metal used on the tip feels as though it won’t ever strip. Overall im very happy with the Vessel brand.

This review is for the VESSEL Three Point Phillips Screwdriver TD250Y. I was pleasantly surprised by the seemingly high quality of this screwdriver. I’ve never owned a Vessel brand tool and I was expecting to receive something of marginal quality, I was wrong. Each of the three ends has a different size Phillips driver. I expected to be able to remove and replace the bits as I needed, but sadly they are fixed. Great tool!

In order to secure the power source of an electric heat glove and a radar finder, it attached to the boulevard 400.
Although he thought that he would attach under the screen which does not require water easily at first, priority was given to connection of an electric heat glove, and it attached to the front of solvent of a tank.
In addition, it has attached on the magic tape (the lock fastener of an emon firmly fixable from an ordinary magic tape is used) so that may be and it may attach easy to detach.
Since wiring to - battery which you want to interlock with [ ignition switch / - ] about a power source was troublesome, it was made to branch from the speed meter dent in a bikini cowl (see the red round portion of a submitted photo).
Although it becomes a part of source line of a signal system (a blinker, a stop lamp, etc. use it), since there is little used power currently assumed, I think that it is OK.
Incidentally, although it thought that the space branched from the existing wire was not easily found considering [ large ] the bikini cowl of a bull, but would give up it at it, the staring contest was carried out to the electrical diagram of the service manual, and the present part was decided on.
I would like to use it for urgent charge of a cellular phone.
It was released from worries about an accessories-related dead battery, and is satisfied.

When Navigation is used in SR 400, since charging reduction is fast, I bought it for charging. The USB part was disconnected at the stage of provisional attachment and it stuck with adhesive, but I was surprised by the fragility of so much. I am going to install Wiring process from now on, but I know that I can charge it at the stage of electrification test so I can expect it.

I previously used USB power supply, but since I bought electric heating Gloves, I replaced it here.
Installation itself is easy.
As Single Body can not fix to Handlebar, we had to purchase Mount separately.
I fixed Double-sided Tape on Multi-mount A of Tanax.
Just when I plugged in a cigarette case several times, the top Cover has come off.
So I fixed it so that Cover will not come off with Tie Wrap.
Plastic in the inside melts due to heat and the Aluminum Plate is misaligned or the construction is not good.

After attaching to the VTR in order to take power of the Car navigation system, it is replaced with MT-03. Although there was no problem with taking out and handling the power supply, the only process which was not good was handling of the Fuse part on the Plus side which is coming out of the body. In the unlikely event that Fuse expired, it seems to be Large, so cut this part and connect another Fuse near Battery. I think that I am doing Waterproof Specification, but I wanted you to devise a little more.

By using the branch Harness of KIJIMA, it was easy to install it even by an amateur 's myself
Although it is in use after installation, there is no particular problem.

I started using smartphones instead of Navigation and purchased it because MobileBattery alone can not deal with it. Even if you launch the Navigation Application & Radio application at the same time, you can afford it. Battery It will charge not only the remaining amount of Keep..
In this way there is no dissatisfaction in terms of performance, but reliability may be another one.
In my case, 1 pc. The eyes became unable to charge after a month.. It was installed and replaced by a dealer in good faith with new article. Quantity : 2pc. Currently I am using comfortably without Trouble.