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Valenti memproduksi bohlam lampu LED yang bisa digunakan untuk lampu depan, lampu sein dan lampu belakang. Bohlam lampu LED Valenti meraih kecerahan dan penerangan terbaik yang dihasilkan dari pancaran cahaya bohlam lampu LED 13. Dengan pancaran cahaya 360 derajat, bohlam lampu LED Valenti memberikan visibilitas tinggi.

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At the same time as turning Headlight Bulb into LED, Position lamp also turned to LED. The direction of Headlight is Les Eve Rigg, I can not feel the difference in color tones, anyway White is bright, bright and Large satisfied.

I wanted to take advantage of the bean ball type Tail lamp I was using, so I installed a little Tail. Since it is a mouth Gold insertion, the sphere exchange itself is easy. The best thing is that the LED sphere rotates. It was useful for alignment of License Plate Light. Brightness also has no problem. Because the durability is undecided, we have made four stars, but from the price it is also Recommendation!

In OEMLamp, it was a dimly lit Position lamp whether it was vague or not attached, but this time, it changed to an LED and doubled the brightness, it is a white color that can be fully recognized on the oncoming vehicle. Easy to install, I am satisfied. Cost I feel it high, but performance and brightness are complaining..

Purchased along with LEDization of Tail lamp 3 years ago.
Small I think that it is a Universal highly valuable Valve.

The most impressed thing I can rotate the position of the LED element!
This point "Great!" And I thought straightforwardly.

A device with a yellow colored color "White (It is a beautiful white with a little Blue taste)"
This is two rows (6 in total)
Other than that is a red color element.

When pinching and rotating the Plastic part and Gold part of the base of the LED board respectively,
"Cha Chi Chi Snap" The LED board rotates with the feeling of.

Because it is 270 degrees rotation, I think that it is necessary to worry about the high and low position of the protruding part of Valve.

Element's brightness is high, visibility is also high.
When the Stop-lamp is lit it will shine as Red light reaches the wall 50 cm away from the Lamp.
It is influenced by Lens cut of Tail lamp, which is reflected like a flower pattern, but, well, it is a love affair! Ww
(The distance to the wall is actually measured with MAJOR)

The price feels as high as other people say
- High level of practicality incorporating rotating mechanism on LED board
- Sufficient brightness and beautiful color
Based on these, it is a price that can be convinced ~ - - - I also think so..

It is one of the products I'd like to purchase with Repeat even if it gets broken.

I used it for the old car 2 stop Off-road.
There are no other adverse effects due to replacement.

It is attractive to be installed without special processing.
Moreover, it is surely gentle to Battery. For older cars with poor power generation, replacement with Blinker is good.

Red light, Small - Brake light is brighter than NORMAL, and daytime visibility also improved.
License Plate Light Impression that it is bleary Blue, slightly diminished according to Blinker, but it does not blink, it is safe because it is an unnecessary Level. (Battery is new)
Also, as Head rotates, positioning of License Plate Light is also easy.
However, Cost performance is bad.

Since it is just installed, durability is unknown, but it is hard to think that it is inferior to Filament, so probably I think Large is durable.
Even if we break down immediately, we can not exchange it easily.

Headlight Bulb Purchase with matching color change
Dimension is a long product, but it has arrived normally
I want to Repeat if there is opportunity to buy again the light intensity and diffusibility

I am satisfied very brightly.
There is also a part that glows white for License Plate Light, so you can easily turn it into an LED as you can change the direction.
Tail was an AC power supply, so I was worried but I am shining normally right now.
It's a little expensive so it's ☆ -1.

BAREN TI LED Bulb is in good condition with brightness as expected because it uses it by car. But, it is a bit too bright.
Since it is low power consumption, Idling can wait for a long signal but can be put out Blinker with confidence.