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VONZIPPER merupakan produsen kacamata dan aksesoris yang berasal dari California dan sudah berdiri sejak tahun 2000. VONZIPPER mengembangkan, merancang, dan menghasilkan kacamata, googles, pakaian dan aksesoris premium untuk bidang motorsport, olahraga musim dingin, dan olahraga air.

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Although I purchased it and used it several times, I am satisfied differently from the previous Impression.
I am satisfied well with good Fit feeling and visibility. It is not a conspicuous design that I will not hear from around but I am satisfied very much.
I am glad that I bought it because it has the same functionality as other Manufacturers and it does not wear with other people.

I found this item if I was looking for something I liked looking for something that did not overlap with people.
Because I did not sell what I had thought after purchasing, the box faded slightly "Because it's low profile, you remained unsold?"
I thought.
But, of course, it was a brand-new and acceptable range?. It was quite a good price but it was made in China (sweat)
Case like a drawstring is attached but Goggles protruded a little and it was a panpan (sweat)
So far I have only used Swans and thought foreign products are like this, but since it is attached with Sponge, RubberOthers glue etc., it can not be removed so when washing it all has to be washed together somewhere when it gets used up It is the end.
The feeling of Fit is quite new from Rubber because it is tough, but it does not matter much much.
The design is cool and the price is expensive so the performance is good.
Perhaps I think that there is nothing to wear with most people, but I do not think that there is Repeat.

Just stick with Double-sided Tape !?
This would be okay if we consider the direction of force.

After installation "I can keep watching forever" Feeling, coupled with your matching front fender, it is very cool!

By the way, the old type GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA (K5) is.
I checked Case's ProductNo and it was the same as I purchased and purchased, I met exactly (Purchase is at your own risk).

Although the Clear lens whose eyes are visible clearly from outside was surely disagreeable, since it was likely to interfere with the run in the evening or the night when the Mirror and the Smoke were used, the Blue lens which was being before used also by the exception Manufacturer was chosen.

He bought it, their eyes were hard to be seen, and, as for night, the field of view had no problem. [ a correct answer and ] [ from outside ] Since
<(HID looks blue too many) br>
price whose usual Light valve is visible to a white system is also about 2000 yen when night incidentally comes, it is dramatically satisfactory.