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VORGUE khusus menyediakan sparepart untuk motor-motor kelas premium keluaran DUCATI, BMW, KTM, MV Agusta, dan lain-lain. VORGUE menawarkan pelindung radiator, footstep dan sparepart stang dan kemudi dengan tampilan dan tekstur mewah serta fungsionalitas tinggi.

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For Radiator, Size is Limit, Closure in Left direction in advance direction ScrewQuantity : 1 pc out of 2 pc is not tightened, and it is stopped with a thinner in Hemp palmk. It looks satisfying.

I installed it in Ninja 1000.

Processing that the eyes become coarse radially towards the outside is beautiful.
Installation is easy by removing Cowl.
If I want a greed, I wish a little lower price
Damaged RadiatorCore Considering Risk reduction and goodness of construction

Ducati whose car body is Slim with LTWINEngine heard that Front fork will be scraped when falling over, and installed it when delivered.

Fortunately I have not fallen down yet, but I think about it as a cane.
I can recommend it because the texture is high.

I attached it to measures against standing when delivered.
Fortunately I have not yet tried the protection performance, but I can recommend it because the length is solid and the texture is also high.

I was able to install safely and I was able to pass Race's car inspection. A bit expensive is a drawback.

Although I was troubled with other Manufacturer, I saw the goods that arrived and the fine mesh is beautiful and I am very satisfied. Even in the 2017 model, it was able to attach firmly without machining and rattling.

We installed 43 DO for 45 OEMs.
I felt that acceleration feeling was slightly impaired and it was lighter than the OEM and the acceleration feeling did not change and the elongation increased at each GEAR and it became very easy to handle.
It may be the first part to be exchanged in order to soften the feeling of geeks at low speed.
Since OEM's Chain is also heavy and jerky, I think that quietness increases when exchanging with Sprocket and the effect is also absolutely Large.

Purchased according to Rear.
I am satisfied with color and texture and accuracy.
It will be useful as Stand Hook.