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Vortex Racing merupakan produsen komponen motor balap berkualitas tinggi sejak 1995. Dimiliki dan dijalankan oleh para pembalap motor, kualitas produk Vortex tidak perlu diragukan lagi. Seluruh komponen balap produksi Vortex dibuat dari bahan kualitas nomor satu yang tahan kondisi apapun.

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Because the amount of Lift up is large, it takes power to give it up, you do not have to go up so much
The distance between the front and back of the bar received by the Fork is slightly wide and the position slightly applied is not stable
As for the amount of Lift up, there is a possibility of improvement if Roller is exchanged for Small diameter one

Although this was the first time that it rides on SS, when he got tired, the back was extended and it had become the disgraceful appearance which leans on a tank.
It thought that it was because the knee grip probably is not stable, and purchased this product.
An effect can be run now in the form stable even if it was large and he got tired.
Although it is parts of the smaller one, it is the touch which is unnecessary for the moment.
Kana which will be used for another motorcycle ....

It attached to GSX-R1000.
Since it had ridden in the jeanses usually, it purchased in order to prevent sliding in front at the time of a cornering and breaking.
An effect is greatest and it becomes easy to carry out a knee grip.
Since he bought a transparent type, air enters a little.
Those who care had better buy the blacker one.

Although it still straddled and only checked, it grips considerably.
It is likely to be considerably effective to a circuit run.
It worries about whether neither a leather suit nor pants are worn.

Excellent product that will confirm the importance of Knee grip again.
Those who ride with thin Pants may feel a bit painful, but I think that when wearing a Motorcycle should wear something of such a thickness that it does not hurt in the first place.
When I was wearing Racing suit and Leather pants, I felt that the sense of unity with the vehicle increased further.
Even when pasting, it is a wonderful point that it is easier to position because the soft material is used.
Stain included in the attached Sticker, Body's Film is hard to peel off because it breaks.

I wish I had installed it faster.
Levelw required as OEMParts
Just honestly, there is a part where the responsibility is Large rose and the leg does not hit.

I am using from past owned Motorcycle.
Looks like... so
I will break the model of Motorcycle
I think that it is better to stop people who are interested.

Functional emphasis rather than appearance.

I will not mistake that Knee grip will be easier.

I did Knee grip
When I got my outer leg on the tank and hooked my knees "Gap is gone"
It is a function that it does not have to get caught with a strong force.

Knee do not grip
Ankle Grip People
People who do not put their knees on Tank

It is unnecessary for this person.

But now also Motorcycle
Before that
I am also attaching to Racer.

As noted
Leaving for 72 hours is absolute after sticking.
If you travel at high speed in 12 hours by an acquaintance
I got separated from the front side.

Because I have passed 72 hours or more
There is no sign of peeling at all.

Absolutely recommended
Indeed, in aesthetic sense...

Looking at Impre of this site, the dish that I was very interested in, "Stomp Grip" I bought.
Although I bought a car model exclusive item, Carbon Tank Pads has already been installed in my Motorcycle, so first cut off the useless part. Even Scissors got cut cleanly.
Paste after cutting. Carefully paste so that air bubbles do not enter little by little from the edge. The pasting work is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) In about 15 minutes.
When using it ,,, This is good!
Knee grip is now easier. Strange power will not enter the shoulders and arms. Long riding became tiring as well.
I think that it is a pretty good item for Motorcycle taking a forward leaning posture.
I wish I had bought it sooner..