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Although it is a personal feeling to the last, barre of fluorescence on the sunburned foot of summer Color : Yellow shines well, a flashy Design than General BeachSandals attracts eyes.
I am very satisfied with the appearance aspect.

I felt that the material of Sandals itself was not that good, but it was built in and Print was solid.

The price of VR 46 Brand this price ? Considering it as quality, I was able to be satisfied totally comprehensively.

You know, MISTY's straight tube Silencer. As it looks, it is almost straight pipe.

Large type Old Zetc. It might be good.

However, in medium-sized vehicles that are commonly used until high revs, the volume may be too high.

Or, it may be a mistake to ask Silencer for features on this product (Lol)

It seems to be a popular item, Ya ○ Out of stock was continuing in Oku. If you buy it with WEBIKE, it is free shipping and I think that it is Large change profitable.

I think that it is not a bad product, but I thought the price was a little expensive.

Purchase with nostalgia of straight pipe words (^ ^;

After all ,,,,, There was a reasonable bomb sound m (__) m - - - Nostalgic,,,,, (Lol)

User Although I am an experienced vehicle inspection, the vehicle inspection is impossible ♪
I will try it even during the festival ♪

Will it be easy to use if you can choose the aperture diameter inside? (# ^. ^#)
If the aperture diameter is about 30 Φ, is Volume also within the practical range?

I returned to MediumSilencer in 5 seconds (^^) v

Use of what was seen if it rode for a while, without the Setting from a top to lower coming out of whether to be too brief easily although this Style that seems to be short and seems to be bad was pleasing temporarily was given up.I think whether be a Setting since it is based also on an Engine or a carburetor, of course, but to be rather goods of looks priority in a Performance up.It seems that quality has difficulty a little compared with two companies of domestic long-established stores since paint application of a Pipe comes off easily and iron material also rusts comparatively easily although
quality of a Flange is good.therefore -- in the direction that there is no courage which says and cuts off a thing at the time of Y company, it is a Recommendation.