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Webike Garage

Webike Garage adalah brand resmi yang menawarkan peralatan untuk keperluan maintenance dan restorasi motor Anda! Produk berkualitas tinggi dengan harga terjangkau, tentu saja menjadi produk andalan banyak rider.

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Добрый день ! Долго искал качественный ключ для масляного фильтра и нашел на вашем сайте . И выбрал фирму Webike garage 68 mm . У меня макси скутер Yamaha tmax 500 и я купил для этого мопеда . Момент затяжки 17 n/m . И мне нужен этот ключ . Я пользуюсь фирмой Hiflo filtro и эта вещь подходит для этого . С виду хороший предмет . Товар соответствует описанию . Большое спасибо !! Good day ! For a long time I was looking for a high-quality key for an oil filter and found on your site. And he chose Webike garage 68 mm. I have a Yamaha tmax 500 maxi scooter and I bought a moped for this. Tightening torque 17 n / m. And I need this key. I use Hiflo filtro and this thing is suitable for this. It looks like a good thing. Goods match the description . Many thanks !! translated by google

Great tool to use. Quick and easy to get on and off fuel line. May have to lubricate threads to free them up. Well made and strong.

This is a well made handy little metal device to quickly shut off your fuel supply. It is easy to use with one hand. It is made strong. Only thing I did was lubricate the threads to make it easier to tighten.

This product is built very well. It is made of some type of metal and is very sturdy. The rollers are textured to prevent the tire from slipping. The bottom also has little pads to prevent the whole stand from moving. The tire is much harder to rotate than I thought it would be. If the bike is on its kickstand and you spin the back tire, the entire rear of the bike will move off-center. Bike will need to be perfectly straight with front brake applied to be easier to use.

Works quite well,the bristles are stiff enough and the brush is effective at removing dirt and débris from the parts you are cleaning. Good value for money.

The brush is very hard, it is good to clean the rust, but I think if I clear the rust may damage the metal, so I am thinking use it or not. Anyway, the brush is good condition and I think this texture is good to clean the rust. I land it provide two size, it is good to clean anywhere of the motorbike. Maybe I will review again it i decide to using this to clean my motorbike. Wait me

 I recently purchased a key to unscrew the oil filter on a motorcycle. The key is universal. Suitable for many models of motorcycles: YAMAHA, HONDA, KAWASAKI. Very convenient to work with him. Everywhere you can climb where it’s not comfortable with your hands. Replacing the filter happens to him very quickly. I recommend the product.

this holder can be used for many applications like flywheels,pulleys,variator clutch bells or anything circular that fall into the tool range of settings(about 60mm to 120mm of diameter). the quality is nice and the price is good.