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WiCK menyediakan berbagai DVD balapan mulai dari MotoGP, Ghost Rider, hingga video seputar teknik balapan bagi Anda yang ingin menikmati dunia motor dari layar televisi.

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Serve people whom the riding of a motorcycle of those days and the sound of a collecting pipe worry.

Those who are doing the respect of the yoshimura should see!


Since I was wearing this also on the Prius 30, I bought it because it sold at a special price
Acceleration stabilizes more than NORMAL
Just wear it, I feel real immediately, but it is a difficult point to become inaccessible if I get used to it
But shape is also Parenthesis so it is very good as one point to shine when changing Plug It is about 30 minutes in all steps if you are familiar with installation
It's expensive but buying if you care

2 We had an opportunity to talk with the Manufacturer directly at the Events booth of the Rinka, we bought it after listening to various explanations. I thought that our GSX - R 750 is Direct Ignition so I thought using Plasma direct, but Manufacturer says that Direct Ignition 's Length is different from R1000, so it is unusable, so using Plasma booster became.

Originally I attach it in a form to interrupt Wiring to Direct Ignition which extends from Main harness, but since we attached Automatic shifter of Bazaars, we installed it so that it is in the order of Automatic shifter → Plasma booster → Direct Ignition. Because the attached One-touch connector is liable to cause poor contacts, we changed all to the Bullet Terminal terminal. Also, since Wiring from OEM Main harness was Large short and short, it was difficult to change the terminal, so it was installed in a way to interrupt the Wiring on the Automatic shifter side.

Speaking of the difficulty with mounting, the WiringCoupler part increased due to the installation of the Automatic shifter, and the thickness increased and there was nothing to do with installing the Air Cleaner Box. It only took 20 minutes or more just by installing the Air Cleaner Box. If it is nothing, it's a work that will not take as long as 5 minutes ... and Wiring is becoming tedious as it gets tired of being cumbersome.

Regarding performance, I did not understand the difference as I went through Idling, but I can feel that the Torque below has increased since I started running. Especially the feeling of Torque feeling about 3000 to 5000 became a strong feeling as being increased by 1.
However, I do not feel the benefit of increased Torque feeling at all when turning around 8000 or so ...

In the partial region such as Tight Cornering which can not raise the rotation speed too much with low speed Corner, the feeling of the traction increased, the feeling of the Grip became well felt, it became easier to be connected to the corner rise.

I think that it is possible to feel it without fail if a person who can feel the difference when exchanging Plug which used 20000 km or more.

However, considering cost-effectiveness, it is not a casual gold amount that you can feel free. However, if you buy a mysterious ignition Parts, this one is Recommendation even if it is somewhat expensive.

Personally I did not introduce it to improve the feeling of Torque but it was an introduction in anticipation that the accumulation of Carbon can be reduced by promoting complete burning by MultiSpark ... but about the accumulation of carbon this time it is outside the Throttle body I think that it can be confirmed with the chain of IN Valve when I do it.

Idling's expiration has improved. I felt like running Torque had gone up again. Even though I made Downshift a little rough, my running in the city became a little easier. As for installing, since I was watching the Video of Site beforehand, it was completed in a blink of an eye. Aside from that, the bonus sticker was Parenthesis what I mind..

When installing, it is troublesome to have to remove Tank. But when you start the engine, the exhaust sound is obviously different, the slope at 125 cc has something tough, but I had a hard time to go up the slope steadily at medium speed. In the city ride, what changes Monai netsugan.

I installed it in PCX 150 KF 18.
Mounting is easy. Just chew on Ignition coil. The Instruction Manual was also easy to understand. I just do not want to hurt Wiring, so I connected it in parallel using the flat Bullet Terminal.
In terms of performance the Torque feeling of the opening has increased.