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At work, commuting, I have Dikkrest's Biker boots almost all the year round. (Core inserted in toe, Size 25, 5 cm)

Everyday Shoes is also 25,5 cm so I chose the same Size, but is it a little bit tight?

It will be familiar if you wear it.

Because I'm a thick bottom so I have a short Seat High even with a car that is a little easier ? ?.

Although it is only wearing it is not hard to walk.

I think that some functions are well thought out. The calf felt quite loose to me.
What I became concerned is Upper Material's cowhide, something glossy, fine cracks and a sense of wrinkle feeling.

Oiletc. If you do not care for it, how it changes will be a wait.

The diagonal Cut of the heel is a famous Racer idea and is an indispensable shape for Riding. It is still different from ordinary Boots. I like Design because it does not have anything suitable for ride on SR! Because we want to keep wearing the second foot and third foot, please continue to sell!

Although there are many Reviews that recommend One sizeDown, in my case
I feel cramped unless it is one size up.
When I felt cramped with Boots and Shoes I've worn so far,
I removed it and made it thinner outside, but this Boots was
I can not remove the insoles.. That's too bad.

Fit feeling has individual differences, it is my case, but usually wearing
26. 0, but this Boots 26. 0 It is tough.
Next time to buy 26. We will set it to 5.

Leather is also hard, I do not feel much flexibility, the entrance to put my feet is narrow and I take off
A little power is required for wearing. Overall it is an impression of Tight making.

As I liked Design, I was sorry about Size and Fit feeling.

Just because I did not make it inconvenient, it would be a good Boots

Height 148?, CB 400 SF (2014) I'm on a ride..

Because it becomes a toe tiptoe if bad footsteps, you can ride relatively steadily thanks to this Boots toe 25 mm thick.

Unlike ordinary Boots, the shape of the part to be put on the footpeg of the heel is cut like Pedal's straight toe so I think that it is kind Design.

I am wearing it for 3 years with good quality, but it is strong and not broken.

The attached cord is too long (I hope to buy a short string separately) , I think that it is better that the texture is a bit Matte.

I think that overall I think that it was Boots which was very good except for these.

About one month passed since purchase, but it has become a good condition.

First of all it is Size feeling, but this Boots is slightly smelt.
When you usually buy Boots 27. 5 to 28. 0, but this time 27. Just by 0.
I felt the width and height of the instep also a little Tight eyes.
Therefore, when you ride in Motorcycle, the feel of Pedal can be felt Direct, and it is easy to walk even if you usually wear it.
Also, because it's SIDEZip it's nice to wear off easily.

In the state of new appearance the texture of the leather was too uniform and it looked like synthetic leather, but 2 - I calmed down a lot after wearing it for 3 days.
I wonder if the taste has appeared quite well when I put on Oil after wearing it for 1 month.
Although it seems that it is not necessary to put Oil because it is shining as it is in a brand new state,
I think that it would be better if you put it before wearing it.
There was fine roughness on the surface, such as the result that I felt faint or Belt..
Well, there is also what I want from this price range in the first place though ...
Although it is commonplace, it is not something that can be loaded at Level of 10 years or else haha

By the way it was MADE IN CAMBODIA.
Why are there many Laser supplies made by Kang Positive A and Pakis Tan?

It was worrisome for a long time at a certain ShoppingSite 's Heaven and it has been concerned from a long time ago, I adjusted the size with a nearby Motorcycle shop and I was considering purchasing in heaven, recently I found a launch on Wa Big I bought it immediately as I did.
So far, I was wearing Outdoor Boots, so I tried riding for about 2 hours soon after the item arrives to check the difference with the exclusive item.
"Good" That's Appeal the sole of the sole "Diagonal CutHeel" It is really nice!
Just by putting feet on footpeg, the position of the toes is decided against Brake pedal, and even when Panic Brake encountered by chance happened, I felt secure feeling without trampling.
I think that the reason why I made comfort in three stars is that it is compatible with my legs but because the bellow of the instep part hits the ankle and it got pain 1. It was because I needed to cut about 5?.
Price and quality are also good, only for Motorcycle "Good" Feeling, such as a convincing product.

I felt that I felt like leather was soft and I thought that it looked like a good Side Gore boots of Cushion.
Regarding Shift change of Motorcycle, although it is inferior to Racing boots, I think that SUPER SPORTS 750 is also durable enough.
It is completely different from Engineer boots based on American Casual.
I am 26. I bought 0. Size of other shoes is KUSHITANI 26. 5, DrMartin 7 - 1 / 2, Nike 26. 5, Puma 26. 0 is.
Regarding price and quality, I think that Balance is good considering what we are developing variously.
I feel comfortable in Casual, I think that a good shopping was made.
Manufacturer 's telephone correspondence was also polite and easy to understand.

Because Engineer boots that I was wearing for MTMotorcycle for many years so far became tattered, this time I was looking for a thing with no sense of incompatibility even for wearing on the street for Motorcycle this time. Size of my foot is 26, but I will refer to other people's impule as being Large eyes 25. I tried it, but I think that I could get even 25 even though it is still a little Large.
The quality of the leather itself is also good glossy thing itself Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Design of ShiftPad is a nice Boots that is fashionable and luxurious.. Side fastener is attached with string type, but desorption is made easy, but the new leather is hard so it may be a bit painful to get in and get it into shape.