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WINDJAMMERS memproduksi berbagai macam knalpot berbahan baja dan stainless yang kebanyakan untuk skuter matik. Knalpot buatan WINDJAMMERS memiliki desain original dan ketepatan tinggi untuk meningkatkan performa mesin motor Anda.

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I exchanged from YOSHIMURAR-77S. We are very satisfied with the accuracy of the joint and the quality of the product. It was a pity that Emblem sticker was of old type - - -

The volume of the standard 19φ did not feel like changing the muffler, and it was not good to get out of high rotation, so buy 22φ and 25φ long. 22φ has a feeling that the volume has increased and the muffler changed. I think it is safe even at home early in the morning or at midnight home. I think that it is the best if you use it for commuting as well. 25φ further raises the volume and uses a bit of mind early in the morning and late at night. The low and medium speed are the same for both 22φ and 25φ, so the highest speed is 25φ higher so I am using 25φ. I use a short baffle if only the volume, but I do not want to drop the low and medium speed torque.

If you get more effect than NORMAL, you still need Setting. Reference of the setting in the manual, even from self-propelled, medium speed to high speed range will be unless the rotation speed at the time of shifting is raised. The fastest in the premises of the house is NORMAL same etc. Or less. (Long Baffle 19, 22, 25 φ used)
When Weight Roller is changed to 8 g?, The acceleration from low speed to the start of gear shifting, from the time of gear shifting to the high speed region considerably improves. The fastest way in the corridor of the house is NORMAL same etc. Or more. However, at the moment of Axelon, there is a little valley. Would you like to change Pulley?
Since the above impression, setting is the story of myMotorcycle,.

Attached to Coil cone Pipe with 155 cc.
I also tried 22φ Short but the sound quality, medium speed range was subtle, so I bought 22φ long and installed it. Volume is not quiet, it is not noisy and it does not stress around up to the top with just the right volume.

Can not install by interfering with Engine. After checking, sending a picture and viewing from the top.
After checking, it is not possible to attach it at one point. If you modify it is charged. Confirm installation before ordering
Despite the inquiry, I was told that it is the responsibility there. If you ask me to return it
Things to bear 20%. Anyway the correspondence is bad with your eyes from the top! It is a problem before the evaluation of the product.
I am surprised that there is still such a place to respond.

I purchased a 25 π Short Baffle, BW'S 125 (Engine Displacement Volume125cc) - Coil used in cone.
In 19.Long Baffle of Standard, the sound was too small and I felt that Custom Exhaust was not felt, so I exchanged it for 25 π Short.

It is relatively lively sound, but I like the 25 π Short Baffle because I am a bomb sound like no Baffle.

When installing in Silencer, the size of Baffle may be tight.

Since the outside exhaust system was in from the time we purchased CYGNUS in the second hand, I was riding as it was for 8 years, but since the connection part and the Baffle attachment part were broken, W. JCoil cone PipeExhaust System replacement! It was worth the wait on 20th, welding is amateur, but the welded part was very beautiful and moved.
The joined parts are perfectly surprising without a play as long as the liquid Gasket does not enter! As a precaution, liquid Gasket was painted.
While maintaining the drive system setting of the original Exhaust System, I ran with Baffle on Coil cone Pipe but it was quite quiet and I could not get downtown! It was Torque fully without Stress in the whole area.
I removed Baffle but it is an explosive. Torque will increase as I traveled. One thing that I had wanted was that I did not feel the feel of Rubber cover and Exhaust System Exhaust pipe part of Fuel Tank.

I was wearing it on JF 56 of PCX 125! Although I have had a lot of motorcycle owners history, basically I chose mufflers like Yoshimura and Moriwaki, but this time I chose Windjammers! I recall an article called a man who creates the fastest muffler in Japan, and if it is only this. I felt looking at the goods that arrived, the basic making and incorporation, processing was very beautiful and I was impressed! With this I definitely cheap this price!. The installation was also perfect, there was no interference, the silencer band also fell cleanly. The first thing I felt when I started the engine was the quietness of idling. When turning, it sounds moderately, the slow scuffa feeling when attaching an external muffler to the scooter is thin as an impression. There is also an extension from the medium speed range and power in the high speed range! There is nothing to be turned around, it is not a type that turns much, but I run even if I do not rotate! Rather, the middle speed range with a partial is impressed. Everyone please try it!