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WINS menawarkan berbagai macam helm open face yang nyaman digunakan untuk touring atau berkendara biasa di jalanan. WINS juga menyediakan bermacam-macam aksesoris motor seperti built-in speaker yang akan membuat pengalaman berkendara Anda menjadi lebih menyenangkan.

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I think this quality of Helmet is good at this price. If you remove Visor, it will also be for Road. There is also Sun visor so there is no need to change Shield. If you close the unique shape of the Shield, the quietness also increases to the Large width. We will also send Anti-Fog ShieldSeat for free (Although it is unused).
The chopper riding frequency is high.

I was in use and I ran over 3000 kilometers with this Helmet.
Although it depends on people, I think that it is slim but not ella in particular, but both SHOEI and ARAI were Just fit with M Size, but in this case it is Small in M ??Size. Especially? Is tight.
I changed it to L Size of Cheek pad, but it was still tight and carved Sponge with Scissors as I was in the Instruction Manual, but I did not improve it anymore.
One of the reasons is that the Cheek pad's Urethane sponge is somewhat stiff and I think there is something unchanged in shape even after a while.
In one week's Long touring, because it is tightening in the evening and the jaw hurts, it is hard. As it is thought that I'm getting used to, I can not get used to it even when I travel 3000 km.

I bought White Compact.
It is GunDam color, is this Red Cha, Green?
From the price it is sufficiently good product.
Personal consideration
Not very heavy (It is not dramatically lighter)
The texture of the paint, the interior Fit condition No problem. Durability will be verified from now.
Since the cap is one size, when you buy it at the shop front you can change the size just by changing the interior material.
Speaker setting is taken into account.
Sunglasses gut (A little longer if it is a little longer, the current is short and there are many lights entering from the bottom)
Sunglasses mechanism Ventilation is weak for internal organs.
Wearing Glasses is considered.
The anti-fog Shield comes with free now.
Can be Recommendation

It is SHOEI head, but it was the only one in the head of WINS Helmet so I bought it for purchase.
(Other than that, because temple hurts at the moment of attachment)

One year and four months after purchase, the Inner Visor did not move during Touring, and when I confirmed, foam Styrene was detached from the cap and it was Gap.
After returning home it was removed and confirmed that the construction of the glue was complicated and only two points adhered in the area of ??the fingertip.

(1) As I get older, I hear that the difference of 100? Is 1 hour, 2 hours on board. With this lightness, this price is excellent. It's much better if Inner Shield is present.

SHOEI 's Z - 6 was getting old and aged, so instead of replacing the full face with anything light (And securely safe) I was looking for.
Originally OGK 's Aero Blade 5 came out, so I was thinking about it, but I fell in love with the guy I found suddenly at the first sight, already a successor type was already released, but that is with Inner Visor (I do not need it personally) The price increase was also increased, so buy it here, the decisive factor is that it is still Carbon.
Fit feeling is Just fit to my head, interior is also comforting as comfort.
Speaker of Chinese Income possessed with possession of Speaker with Pocket which puts in Speaker is stored perfectly in place in the ear.
After all the design is still cool Carbon land is cool, interior decoration is also Accent It feels good, the WINS logo is clearly to say clearly, but if it warms up with Seal in Dryer etc. it will peel off cleanly, so if you worry it will peel off Hello.
If it is made on purpose like this it can be said that it is quite strong Manufacturer.
Jaw thong is a common type of DRing, this is a good idea considering safety.
The operation feeling of Shield is inferior to Ara Show, but it is about the same degree as OGK, detachment is very easy, so easy maintenance is easy, furthermore anti-fog Seat (This is a universal product that can be used by other companies) Redemption comes with a postcard.
It comes with Neck guard but it does not use because it interferes with IncomeWiring.
Quietness is necessary and sufficient, Wind Cutting sound is high if it is high, but it does not sound unpleasant, I think that other companies like this.
However, as Ventilation is not good and it seems that wind will not come out much, it may be hot in summer.
Noteworthy is lightness, nominally 1. Light weight of 25 kg will reduce the fatigue in Touring Large width.
I also have OGK's SystemHelmet for commuting but it's too comfortable to use it.
If CarbonHelmet of only this performance is 30,000 it can say that it is a bargain Price, the missing is Large satisfying Helmet of Brand power only.

Have to try a few times to positioned the speaker directly at ear. Once done, I am able to get decent audio even when Im riding at high speed. Just that it must be directly at your ear. If not, you wouldn't be able to hear much at high speed.

- I first used it for 200KM Touring.
Functionality - - - Ventilation, InnerSun visor, Buckle, - - - I was able to convince enough.
At this price this function is a hit.
I do not want to be that, but I do not know about safety in the unlikely event - - -.