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WM adalah brand ternama di Jepang untuk keperluan modifikasi bergaya klasik dan cafe racer untuk motor SR, W650, Estrella dan masih banyak lagi. WM menawarkan bodywork, knalpot, stang, dan lainnya dengan kualitas tinggi dan tampilan klasik.

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It combined with the front fender and purchased.
If it attaches as a description, it will be attached simply.
It is better to perform center ply firmly.
Since the edge portion is sharp, handling should take care.

A wind end board is this! ESTRELLA is infallible if it carries out custom by WM.
Since it is large, a character looks to advantage! It is this at a vintage style.
A short fender is not turned to.
First of all, it is although it will probably be unnecessary to a short fender ...

It attaches, and it is easy and structure is also solid.

The handle lock which had been given up in using a separate handle became possible in combination with the top bridge of the company.
It was impressed considerably!! It is recommended!!

Not rusting is best.
Although plating was not bad, either, he liked the stainless blunt method of light, and it purchased.
It is a favorite.

This price is glad not to go out without a handle lock for touring, and to be able to improve above all.

sr400 was equipped.
The place truly called WM and texture is good.

It purchases for the circumference arrangement of Wright.
There is a meaning which reduces the burden on Faulk and it chose this.
It is already a time-tested product in a time-tested product on SR custom-made community, and they are foundations.
It does not rust by a stainless and also COSPAR is also considerable.
It is safe that it is also a product made from WM of reliance and a track record.