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Sejak 1989, WORKS CONNECTION memproduksi performance parts untuk motor off-road. Produk-produk unggulan WORKS CONNECTIONS adalah guard parts seperti frame guard, skid plat, radiator brace, dan masih banyak lagi. Spare part WORKS CONNECTION sangat terkenal dan banyak digunakan oleh rider profesional.

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First, if conformance is KLX 300 (97-07) It was mentioned as.

The number of parts is too small to be disappointed.
I think that it differs greatly from that of photos, other companies, and other cars.
Rather than Brace, it is a Protector that reinforced the Frame of the outer edge of the Radiator's body by adding a piece of iron plate.
Knee protector is sent when I bought Knee brace which protects just the knee.
Comparison of strength etc. I can not, but I do not think that it is structurally expensive.

It is in use to YZ250.

Material : Although strength is perfect with Aluminum, depending on the type of vehicle it seems better to use double-sided tape in conjunction with installation Bolt.

In the case of YZ, since the installation Bolt of Left Side is biased toward the back, the front side is coped with by 3M ScotchTape.

Ah. Kick start After installation, we recommend to confirm that KICK does not touch the Guard. Because KICK does not return because it lacks bending process and it makes me laugh with chubby sounds ....

XR 250 in 2003 (MD30) We mounted on.

In the case of XR 250, installation is very easy if only tools are available. However, if it is mounted as it is, it will come into direct contact with Frame and this product will peel off at the contact part when wearing for a long time, so if you are concerned about it, please contact Sponge tapeetc. I think whether it is better to attach it after pasting it in advance. (I think that the situation is the same in Frame guard made by other companies)

Active Frame guard used in the first XR 250 (Discontinued product) Compared with the Frame guard area is Small, compared with the Hold property of the car body - Although the protection performance is under, personally this product is more Stylish, so I think that Balance of function and design is good.

It is a thicker than usual Sticker.

Because it is suitable for the price, there is also a protruding part of the paste, so after pasting it is necessary to clean up the glue which protruded with Brakes cleaner etc..

It is Recommendation because there are many kinds of colors, it is quite cheap.

Nakanaka is Cool. Recently I think that it is not readily available Guard and I think that it is satisfying because there is also a high-class atmosphere compared with NORMAL's White Plastic like material.

With a FCR injection, since the disposal of High-throttle-izing of a Throttle is needed, it purchases. Although it was going to make it the Active ordinarily at the beginning, there is no margin in a Space on balance with a Hand guard, and it chooses this product as for which change of the path of Tyco is made to a Compact. As a result, it answers correctly here for the exclusive design for Off vehicles. There is also no shakiness including the feeling of operation made into the Snap, and it is satisfactory.

Although this product is expensive, that part and elaboration are solid, and although used by the Enduro race, I think that durability is quite high. Although the Aluminum-Throttle Tube by
other company was also used, there is no durability so far, and since it is not breaking or changing at all although too firm elaboration said mind and falls repeatedly, it can use in comfort.
Although such a Throttle tube has a phenomenon in which an Axel becomes heavy mostly, it of the thing of this Manufacturer is also dramatically easy-to-use few.
If candid advice is merely said, the thing in which setting of price is somewhat high is regrettable.

I think that attachment is difficult for it in the direction which is not improved usually although a thing can be attached satisfactorily.
> right-hand side's using a suitable tool, since the Cap bolt of the pure HEXAGON was fastened quite firmly, and left-hand side were the attachment which exchanges the Bolt of a Chain roller.