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WORKS QUALITY sangat tersohor untuk produksi bracket kaliper rem aluminium billet untuk brembo. Produk WORKS QUALITY sangat cocok digunakan untuk motor besar seperti CB1300SF, ZRX1200, XJR1300 dan lainnya.

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This kit is beautifully machined and fits perfect. All bolts, bearings,washers and nuts are included. It only took about 10 minutes to install

Compared to OEM, it is very light and texture is good Simple, but feeling of luxury can be felt The installation was able to be Smooth without any particular problem

I bought a Clutch lever, but I did not know what to buy other parts, but I found this Tank set so I bought it. Installation itself is easy, but adjustment of the length of Hose is necessary.

The feet are very good. Just because Seat as a whole is too thin, it looks bad for me personally! This may be a matter of preference - - -

Although I have not run after installation yet, I will write comments on the diary later, so please refer to it. (Will it be helpful?

Purchased by Caliper and Set at a certain Oaku station.

Net did not have any information, but ZX9R E type got no machining.
GPZ900 (A 12 or later) It is for ZrX1100ZrX1200GSX1300R HAYABUSA but it has attached to the ZX9R E type without problem.

Although it is Center of Brake rotor which is worrisome, it is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) The difference is 0. 4mm There is nothing or something, so if you are interested it may be better to sharpen the mounting surface lightly, but individual differences are also necessary to confirm. I judged that I had no problem so I put on as it was.

Manufacturer's setting Since it is outside the model, use it at your own risk..

I tried Radial's support for the first time but it is quite heavy so it depends on Caliper but it is slightly heavier with Total than NORMAL. In some cases, it is necessary to change the suspension setting.
Support itself is also clean cutting, there are quite a bit of thickness, so the rigid feeling is amazing.
I think that there are also thanks to Caliper, Brake's Touch became very hard, LeverStroke also decreased a little. Although it was originally Funafunha - -.

Because it's Radial Mount, it is a strength that you can adapt freely with Spacer etc. when inserting Large diameter Rotor.

Since it's 100 mm pitch, I can use brembo such as Ducati so I'm easy to get in with a monoblock if it is second hand? (At a price)

Since ZX9R E type and year type are well done, I think that Caliper also has many things at the Overhaul period.
Even with Seals alone Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It will exceed 10,000 yen, and if Piston becomes full exchange Piston alone Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Exceeding 30,000 yen in total exchange. How much will it cost if you include labor costs? - - -.
If you are considering Overhaul, why not try Radial Mount with this Support?

As written in the description, this product places emphasis on the control function. There is no ability for stopping.
It doesn't lock no matter how much hard you press down.
So, taking no actions to strengthen the front brake may cause serious ends.
The bearing part is not good; it moves when vibrates. Accordingly, the caliper inclines and sounds come out. A clear judder vibration occurs while the vehicle's moving back. It seems that the inclined caliper touches a pad.
There are many demerits.

Although attached with 230 mm of SUNSTARs DISC, it shifts outside about 8 mm and the Pat does not suit a DISC.A Caliper support is too long although the thing for ZEPHYR750s was purchased.Although the
Torque rod also puts color into the position of a Center stand and has written it to be attachment straightly, it will not become straight if it attaches to the position as a description.What was necessary was just to have used


[Webike Monitor] It purchased at the time of
brembo RCS Clutch-master wearing. All of the
Master tank, a Hose, a Hose clip, and a Tank stay have gathered, and it is safe. Brembo S15 A
and a Hose are the same products as Cau Ken's Mesh type, and
and a Tank have die length also with just right die length. A Bolt and color are contained and
and a Tank stay also have easy attachment. It is somewhat more profitable than purchasing with a Rose for
and a Set.
> -- safe and the optimal above all -- a Starter kit is carried out and it is an excellent product. They are the necessaries of Clutch-master attachment of the
brembo, and a Recommendation.